Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Even the Devil Dislikes Buell?

The more we uncover of the entire Buell fiasco, the more intriguingly evil it appears.  While some may think they are merely fans of the once popular star and hang onto the spiritual messages they saw on TV, there is a much more sinister side they are unaware of.  People seem to get stuck on Buell’s illness.  I believe they probably should pay more attention to his spiritual welfare instead.  At this point, he would appear more of a prince of darkness then any deliverer of evil and I’m not even mildly kidding.  He even joked with a cartoon on his site after announcements of being sued and the cartoon was a depiction of a devil in court saying, “You can’t sue the devil.”  The article attached was really unrelated to the paranormal and seemed to have little to do with anything being said, accept, the real issue at hand.  A rather not so coy move and tell tale in mine and other’s eyes viewing this.

Let’s look at some truths here that are evident, like; Buell’s claim of being attacked by a demon and even giving the name. At one time, he claimed the cancer has possibly a cause of this demonic attack.  Why then have public séances and charge money for them and introduce others into it?  He appears to most to be Catholic.  (Although reportedly on his past MySpace page he said he was Wiccan.)  Isn’t he subjecting people to this demonic attack if it really happened with a séance?  Isn’t he selling the thrill with out any responsibility once so ever?  What of his own ability to call forth this demon again?  If it were real, what does this mean?  If he lied, what is he really doing?  What is the truth to his religion?  Is it one of convenience to state to the public?  Do these priests know he’s holding public per pay séances?

Either way you look at it, there is a lie and told in great proportions.  One can not just ignore it because he’s famous and loved by fans.  Regardless of what religion you are, one can not escape the logical conclusion if one believed they were the subject of demonic attacks that possibly affected one’s health, why in the heck would they risk another run in with the demonic by doing public séances?

Would you be surprised to find out that someone who he claimed was a close friend, a person who was on his show and whom he billed along with him in events was an occultist and had her own cult?  Not only does she not have the same supposed Catholic view point of the show, but, criticizes PRS and the existence of demons here in a link below.  Listen carefully as Michelle Belanger justifies and explains dark magic paths and even seems to try to legitimize them.  Does this suggest someone who would believe her friend and show host that he was demonically attacked by a demon on several occasions?

Below is a blog that I am including from “Who Forted?” that has long blogged criticisms and falsehoods of the paranormal as far back as the start of the Ghost Hunter’s show.  Read this article to get a closer idea of who was involved with Buell even more recently.  It should open some eyes.

Now, I do not criticize different religions.  But, if your going to take a Christian and especially claim to be Catholic position for a show and consistently use that as a premise as part of your truth, then the mere having someone of Bellanger’s  background and having séances should raise some very deep seated questions as to what Buell is doing and the truthfulness to the show.

Now, what some do not realize is the affect on the outside of their little closed organization that solicits dues and puts out surveys asking for donations is that these people are infiltrated all around the field. I have found the members who diligently defend Buell on his page are also in Catholic groups that investigate fake exorcists and demonologist even.   The fact someone consistently goes to his page and defends a crook with a handful of others and puts down those just asking about the events they paid for is just as much as part of PRS as any standing member and I for one believe them to be among the members of it.

I’ve gotten information on intimidation tactics used by PRS.  I’ve had people back out of interviews being intimidated and even for trying to help ticket holders get their money back.  There are people threatening people and warning them not to have anything to do with me.  One such person, named Jodi Focht, threatened us and attempted to gain information from a former co-host of mine in an effort to turn us into an organization named Anonymous, an online internet hacking activist group.  It is unclear whether the threat was real or not.  Jodi is one person who claims she is not part of PRS, but, consistently argues in defense of Buell to a fault.  The threat she made to us on Anonymous was in defense of Buell.

Now, some people join in on the attacks on us claiming to be our victim.  These people from Buell’s camp always seem to be in the mix of antagonist when this happens.  The very nature of what the Paranormal Community has become, allows for those who may have an ax to grind with us to freely seek out like minds and join in some attack against us or another person or group.  One such person against us recently was an ex-co-host of my radio show, which decided to have a radio show blasting me and my friends and those associated with my show.  A guy, who decided to join in on the attack by the name of Tim Roxbury, appeared to act like our victim.  Keep in mind that the ex-co-host was the co-host of the show he had been on and he and had actually left the show in good standing.  Why he decided to help this ex-co-host and then to join in on the bashing of so many people and play the victim of us is beyond me.

The Paranormal Community is changing.  If people decide they need to protect Buell or other’s out there that we are exposing, like sex offenders, criminals, people who could be dangerous or people who are not who they say they are, then those people standing up and sticking up for them are going to be affected.  We are drawing lines here.  No longer can people stand behind people who are immoral, dangerous, despicable and do not belong in the field without it affecting their own interest and themselves.  This includes famous people who have shows where they fake things or rip people off, such as Buell.

One message to people in the Paranormal Community I have; pick your sides carefully.  If you look to be backing someone who is someone we are exposing and do not distance yourself, you will look immoral and it WILL AFFECT YOU.  I and the many other’s who are our audience, our readers and friends are not going to stand by and allow one after the other bad person be covered up over and over by intimidation techniques and harassment.  If you take part in this to protect someone like this, we will expose your effort of doing so.  Choose your side carefully.  Believe me, people are hearing our message.

Evan Jensen

Producer of Beyond the Edge of Reality Radio Network

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Can someone please post some evidence of Ryan's faking cancer? The truth is out there. His behavior is proof enough for me but apparently not for legions of fan girls/boys. Isn't his 15 minutes of fame up yet? He needs to get out of the spotlight and into rehab.