Saturday, April 12, 2014

Family Haunts Wants Your Money!

By Chris Baricko

There is a couple here in Connecticut called Family Haunts. They are starting what they call a paranormal school. They claim they will teach people how to become a paranormal investigator. Plus you get to go on a investigation But wait there is more and you get a certificate as well all for the high price of $150.00. Now being local and from the area, I along with others, did some homework and most of what they claim is not proven. Let's start at the top. I asked two other local groups if they ever heard of them and the answer was no. Now if they have the experience within the paranormal community most groups will at least have heard of them. As far as I know there are no degrees any collage gives out saying paranormal investigator trainer. So they did not pay anyone for any education such as a doctor or lawyer who went to school and got a degree.

Now this is right off the interview they did. Here's the link:

Q. Do you do any sort of continuing education to stay up on the latest developments in your field?

A. no not really

So they admitted they do not keep up with the latest developments in the paranormal field. Then why do they think they are fit to teach others. Would you go to a plumber or a doctor to get your car fixed?

They claim they do exorcisms yet I do not see a priest or bishop or even a demonologist listed anywhere.

They claim they been around over 25 years but their Facebook page says is founded in 2001. Um, I am no mathematician but it is 2014 so that is only 13 years.

But wait it gets better click on the link below now they say they have 60 years experience. Really--60 years? Now I am not a doctor, but none of them look so 60 + 25 is 85 years experience. All I can say is WOW! Once again another misleading statement.

They refer to people they help as CUSTOMERS not clients like every other group does. Now being a customer means you pay right? They even respond to when asked why should they get hired. Sorry we are called, not hired. There reply is even more outrageous. They say cause there the best. Really? There is not one group who is the best in this field, period. We all do things a little differently.

They also say they do land clearing. I was unable to find anything under the BBB or Department of Consumer Protection. Not even in the yellow pages listed under the name Family Haunts Land Clearing. 

They have a photo of what they call a shadow figure and they say is was taken in a hallway. They said there was nothing in front of it. Well sorry when another investigator blew it up once again proven this was false. 

They do not have a web page for anyone to look them up. Now just about every group and person in the field has a web page so people can do their homework on them.

So let's ask ourselves some questions. What qualifies them to teach anyone let alone charge $150.00?  They admitted they do not keep up with the field. They call clients customers. They claim the following: land clearing, exorcisms, have a total of over 85 in the field. And they get hired. 

Now anyone can easily see some of their statements are so far out there and none can be proven. Hopefully others see what their true goal is: $$$$. If you want to learn you can for FREE--just contact any local paranormal group and they would be more than happy to teach them anything you want to know. The paranormal is about helping people not making money


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

You say facts you should check with family haunts about the facts not chris he has tried everything in his power to discredit this team which is now in the process of suing him for the lies he has spread because of the jealousy he has

Anonymous said...

Of course school is trying to get money, anyone who charges for their service is obviously trying make a buck off of anyone who is willing to pay. They probably should have a disclaimer saying "for entertainment only" since most paranormal investigation is a spin off of the entertainment industry. If they really wanted show credibility they would tell us where they learned from and what relevant degrees they hold.

Nicole Ortiz said...

To the first Anonymous comment posted.... Perhaps you should check YOUR facts in this matter.Everything that was stated were in fact statements made by the team themselves either in interviews, reviews or articles. I DID however not see anything saying they charged clients, only students wishing to partake in their "school" BUT they DO refer to clients as "customers". Chris stated his opinion supported by facts therefore there is no way he can be sued under this circumstance. I must say though I'm in no way surprised of the "jealousy" claim you made as this is what most people do when their integrity is called into question. I had posted one of Family Haunts images on their FB page showing where the picture was not paranormal in nature by any means.. the picture and also the supporting image explaining it's cause was deleted. The admin then stated he never deleted anything and in turn blocked me from one his FB pages. Again, not surprised by this. What I had written was not an attack on this group, but pointing out an error as we all make them at times. However, by deleting this image it does raise questions. Gives the impression they are looking for oohs and ahhs and not an objective peer review. This is a sinking ship not because of what Chris wrote but because of statements and actions by the team themselves.

Bobnoxious said...

We do House Blessings, Exorcisms, Bar Mitzvahs and Sweet-16 birthday parties.