Monday, January 14, 2013

The Witches in the Cornfield

By V.K. Bronz

I was visiting a friend in another state having a relaxing time until nighttime came: Each night I dreamt someone was stabbing me in the stomach; it would wake me up with violent sharp pain. Knowing it had something to do with friends of mine and that it was witches that had gathered together to come against the church there:

I called my friends and relayed the dream; sure enough his wife had come under attack with stabbing pain all of a sudden out of the blue and the Drs. said it was nothing he could see. My friend said he had been praying and rebuking it to no avail; it would leave and then come back.

We prayed together, rebuking it in the name of Jesus, it left never to return.

There are many things out there that we do not understand; sometimes our pride gets in the way and we think we are it. But even Jesus disciples “after he gave them power” to heal the sick and cast out demons, could not cast out the demons of the young boy. When the father brought his son directly to Jesus, the Lord was a little miffed. But said something very revealing: He said, “This kind cometh out ONLY by prayer and fasting”.

You say what does that have to do with the witches and witches in the corn? Well I shared it to point out that there is power out there that is greater then us. We really need to be not so busy that we are not prayed up and have our time with the lord and time fasting. Even if you don’t believe in this manner you have to see that there is so much we do not understand and that is greater then us. Those witches that had gathered to attack the church believed and their prayers worked; at least for a while.

Until something stronger came along, the Name of Jesus! We can be prayed up and believing when something stronger comes along, is it stronger then the Name of Jesus? No it is stronger then us individually. When peter was jailed and the people gathered in the upper room Peter was mightily set free. The Angel came, took off the chains and led him out of the city.

We have to come out of the Me, and Mine, mentality and begin to pray for others with our whole heart. We have been to busy caring for our own selves and our situations to lift a finger to pray with our whole being for others.

Those witches believed and they came together with a purpose- to destroy the lives of the people of the church. The terrorists believe and they have a purpose, to destroy Gods people and take over the world. We were made by God to be a receiver. We were to receive his love his power his presence, all the messages round about us. We were made to see what we laughingly call the supernatural realm. There’s nothing super- natural about it; we were suppose to have this power. Even science has said we only use 8-10% of our brain; have you ever thought what the other 90-92% was for.

A few months after the stabbing incidence I was in the state of Maine when I began having dreams I was flying; It was quite cool I saw this neighborhood my cousins use to live in and I saw people walking at night on the sidewalk. I swooped down behind them and they didn’t know I was there. This went on for a few nights when I, received a phone call or made the call; can’t remember, from my friend with the stabbing problem.

He had been having the exact same experience. He was going to bed very excitedly because it was so fun. He couldn’t wait to fall asleep, when one night he was flying over the farmer’s field in the area he lived and there were people everywhere, hundreds, in the corn field. They began motioning for him to come down. Instantly he woke up crying, upset, and repenting, he felt he had somehow wronged God.

We are made to be receivers!!! I was “receiving” what he was going through and he was receiving what was going on in the town around him.

The Lord is so gracious; he always shows us the truth and what is happening: the next day when he went into town he ran into the Sheriff. The Sheriff said “hey did you hear about farmer so and so’s field? There was a very large gathering of witch covens the night before and there were so many we couldn’t arrest them”.

The Lord made sure this pastor knew he hadn’t done wrong and that God our Father was making sure he knew what was going on so he could pray!

I know and am greatly blessed in my knowledge of Christ being the great intercessor; that he intercedes for us continually but we are in him and also suppose to intercede for others; that is why the priest went into the Holy of Holies to intercede for others. Don’t forget who we are, we are Gods priests. If we stay in His word and in His presence filling our soul with him not TV or other people, or situations we will know what is going on around us and when the enemy comes to steal, kill and destroy, we will be prepared.

About five years ago I was given a work break from the Lord, in this time off I was able to spend a majority of the time with the Lord. One night as I was praying I had a vision; I saw the Lord on the cross, the earth was dark and the odd thing was I was like a ghost laying in him with my arm outstretched on the cross. All of a sudden at the point of his death I saw and felt the Light/life of God released from him like a tsunami wave and burst forth totally encircling the earth.

We need to remember we are in him, named by his name. We have been given power to cast out demons and heal the sick. Do we believe? Maybe our prayers have not been answered because we need to join with someone to pray with our whole heart for others. I don’t think we need to go in the farmers corn field, but then maybe we do…


Shoreline Shiksah said...


It's called Temporal Lobe Epilepsy.

Google it.

(Watch, now Kirby will become an expert on on TLE, too).


eyeontheparanormal said...


If you had picked up my new book NEVER MOCK GOD you would know I was LOL

Shoreline Shiksah said...

I saw "I am Six."
Totally Bogus. Laura/Lara has psycho-emotional issues. Obviously.
I wouldn't suspect that she as TLE.
Dissociative Identity Disorder? Maybe.

Many Poltergeist Activities are caused by psycho-kinesis. I didn't notice any unexplainable phenomena.

The self induced scratches, bad acting and about a billion commercials. Very distracting!

I was never a fan of PRS. I've seen some syndicated episodes. BORING.

One thing that NO ONE-not even the Great Kirby Robinson- picked up on is...the artwork Laura offered to the PRS staff.

Wouldn't you agree that you should NEVER take home anything from a location suspected to be "haunted" or "possessed" because items can have attachments? Why would "professional paranormal investigators" take this sort of risk?

Have you also noticed how many lay-clergy, professional clergy, "healers", paranormal investigators and psychics are diagnosed with MS or other rare diseases?

These irresponsible paranormal reality shows encourage amateurs to conduct their own investigations. Many are trespassing.

eyeontheparanormal said...

as to I AM SIX it was faked in every way from the client,the team,the psychic and andrew calder is not was not who he claims he was