Thursday, November 8, 2012

What Exactly are Historical Place Hauntings?

By Lisa Grace

Some people who have visited old buildings, cemeteries, battlefields, etc. where something traumatic has happened do report seeing the same images or appearances, like short videos, happening over and over again. Some are tied to even a specific time.

If we know ghosts- defined as the spirit of a person, are no longer on this plain, then what are people seeing?

The Holy Scriptures speak of different types of spirits: fear, anger, etc. This is most likely what people are encountering. Evil entities composed of emotion that are reliving a moment over and over. There is great anguish tied to the event, which they cling to. Unlike a possessed person where the destruction of the individual is the target, these beings attach to the emotion. In effect, taking a small emotional video or snapshot of the person living the event.

They are no more the person than a Youtube video of a person is that person.

If you manage to communicate with one, you are in danger of having them attach, and follow you. Since it takes strong emotion (“the bait” to attract them), this may be a slim chance, which is why so many stay put in the location they attained the strongest feeling.

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Aanica said...

Interesting concept, I like it.