Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Issue 84 The Psychic Highway to Hell – Part 1

 By Kirby Robinson

Spirit Guides Are The Official Chauffeurs On The Highway To Hell

As I pointed out last week, we'll focus on the subject of the PSYCHIC HIGHWAY TO HELL. One of the useful tools of the antichrist is to pull as many as he can onto the highway to hell by using spirit guides. This is something that everyone can relate to in a sense as everyone wants a way to reach the spiritual world and it's a way to make people feel special.

Have you ever noticed when talking about spirit guides how they have some things in common?

1 They often have very strange and exotic names

2 They claim to have special powers

3 They are often than from such places as Egypt, India or are Native American

3 They hold the key to secret information or lost teachings

4 They always ask you to let them into your life

5 They died tragic deaths

All of the above can be found when it comes to the subject of spirit guides. Back in the 1980s when I was involved with the new age, these were things I was told to tell people when the subject came up.

When it comes to spirit guides they fall into the following groups:

1 Some fake psychic wants to impress their clients, so they make them up and act as if they're talking to them. Clients are always impressed when they read or hear: "My spirit guide King Such and Such, who ruled Atlantis until his enemies killed him…was the greatest of all seers!" [What a shame that mythical King didn't see the plot to kill him]. They tell me you're struggling in a relationship and that makes people think this has to be real.

The fake psychic will say it came from "my vision", so you feel that the message must be real as a spirit guide can't lie.

2 The spirit guide is simply a creation of a person who is suffering from a mental illness.

3 The spirit guide is a creation of a person's psyche so they can stand out by being different or special. Thus, my spirit guide is a high priestess or an Indian shaman.

4 Or is it demonic? Demons love to play the role of a spirit guide when they are dressed up as one. It's so easy for them to get you to let them be a part of your life. When a demon plays the role of a spirit guide they will first start out as one but as soon as you're opening up to them they will start to introduce you to other spirit guides, or will hand you over to a much stronger demon.

Some might say that the first 3 groups don't sound harmful all. This is initially true. But let's take the example of a fake psychic that uses fake spirit guides in readings. What happens when the psychic acts as if he is talking to his fake guide and suddenly there is a spirit guide talking to him? His practice of faking opens himself up to the demonic realm. Then you toss in the spirit guide business and it just blows the door off the hinges to allow it in. So the psychic thinks, "Hey I am really psychic!" And the spirit guide has got him headed for hell.

As for those who are mentally/emotionally ill, be aware that demons love to work themselves into their lives. When you're dealing with cases of people with mental illness and the demonic a great challenge you face is it the mental illness causing the appearance of the demons? Or is the demon a creation of the mental illness? Or is it just mental illness?

All the above are things that I've witnessed and confronted in my years in the new age and battling demons.

I've found it odd and maybe it's due to the fact the majority of the Christian church has sold out to: A] The new age, B] The idea that demons don't exist, C] A soft pedaling of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. So many Christians are on the road to hell. Additionally, the false teaching that once saved, always saved, corrupts Christians.

Is it just me, but isn't it strange that if these spirits are what they claim, then:

1 Why are they not handing out winning lottery numbers to the poor?

2 Why are they not helping people find jobs?

3 Why do they never talk about the real Jesus Christ? I've never heard a spirit guide ever say "Jesus is the only path into heaven" [which He is]. They never talk about the gospel [at least the one we follow].

So if you encounter anyone whether it is a fake psychic, pastor or even so-called lightworkers who claim to have a spirit guide [or guides], have nothing to do with them. Find protection in GOD. If a voice comes to you and says it is so and so and it claims that GOD sent it, or if it claims that it's human, then grab your bible and rebuke it with His word. If the spirit says it became an angel, plug your ears. Only angels are angels nothing can "become" an angel.

Don't play around with inviting a spirit guide into your life. This nonsense can even be found on eHow, a false step-by-step guide in learning about communicating with spirits [we won't provide a link to it]. The only things you'll get are a host of demons and free passage down the psychic road to hell.

Next week we'll expose the lies behind guided visualization, channeling, and getting a psychic reading over the phone. Because any of the three will get you a ticket on the PSYCHIC HIGHWAY TO HELL.

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Cassiel said...

Sweet article EOTP, Praise Jesus and only Jesus. lets hope we start to reach all those lambs wandering in the darkness through all the new age crap and its peddlers.

Tanila said...

Well written article, Kirby!

Pastor Michael Frisbee said...

Well done Kirby

Anonymous said...

I first want to say, before we start, I was raised a strict Catholic and truly believe in Jesus Christ as a true spiritual leader but I do not think he is the only one. We will all answer to the same god, the path we choose to get there is not always the same.

I also what to say I 100% agree that there are people "claiming" to be psychics that should be stopped and can be very harmful, but I also know that there are people who have true gifts. Although the word psychic carries with it a stigma of the con woman at the beach with her crystal ball I guess its what they would be called. You will never see their name in lights or on an ad because they would never charge for what they do, so along with the warning you already gave I would like to add that if they ask for money, walk away, a true "psychic" respects what they have been given and does not choose to be used like a circus freak (so hopefully this will stop the questions about the million dollar challenge, since the need for acceptance from nonbelievers is not necessary, they will come when they are needed).
What I do not understand is why it is so easy to believe that their are entities out whose only purpose is to harm but believing that people are surrounded by and protected by "Spirit Guides" (guardian angels to some)is unthinkable. Wouldn't your belief in the unconditional love of the Divine (God)help you to believe that he would do anything to protect his children the best he could and counteract the mission of evil by sending guides?

I understand I am the minority on this one and this may not get through your filtering process, but I think it is a legitimate question regarding your blog.

eyeontheparanormal said...

everyone has a angel that watchs over them they are not spirit guides [ angels are angels] spirit guides are creations of the darker path [ the anti Christ] ask a spirit guide who christ was and test themwhen it comes to GOD your be shocked what they will try to teach you

I was apart of the new age for many years I know all the tricks of the trade

Anonymous said...

Only the weak of mind and faith can be fooled. If you always remain true to who you are and what you believe there is nothing that can break you. Maybe some use the term "Spirit Guide" incorrectly and then in those instances maybe they are dealing with something they can not handle, but a true "Spirit Guide" is with you for protection and does not try to lead you anywhere (possibly lead you away from the wrong path but never tells you what to do) that's the beauty of free will and as I stated in the beginning, only the weak minded and those who do not have a strong faith in their beliefs could be manipulated by anything. In the end, this is my plane of existence (our plane, the living world) which give us dominance over any nonliving entity no matter how strong it is believed to be. All that we possess, our strengths, weaknesses, and yes even the gift of a "6th sense" (since again I hate the word psychic), are all built into our souls by God, but what we do with them while occupying a body in the "living world" is controlled by our own free will. Like anything, we could be handed the world, its how we use it that matters.

eyeontheparanormal said...

There is no such thing as "spirit guides" they are demons dressed up to fool mam

and are tools of the teachers of the new age to lead people onto the dark path

where in the bible is this topic taight [ hint it is not]

Anonymous said...

Again, the bible was written a long time ago when even mental illness, or any handicap for that matter was considered the work of the Devil. The basic teaching of religious scripture is timeless, but to be read word for word in a literal sense knowing all the things we know now. I do not dismiss the existence of evil and its agenda, but to believe that being able to communicate with loved ones passed, delivery no messages except to let their loved ones know they are at peace is evil....well it is just not always the case.

Cassiel said...

Anonymous is determined to make excuses for believing in demons as spirit guides and protesting their way is 'really ok'