Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Dangers of the Paranormal

By Reap Paden

I was going to write about the brain this week...but....this is more important. Not more important than your brain but more important for your brain to know about.

Search 'dangers of the paranormal' and you will find something that should amaze you. It's a website built to warn people about the dangers they may encounter when being involved in paranormal....stuff, hence the name.

When I came upon this website for the first time my mind expected to see some information about homeless people and drug users residing in some of the vacant buildings paranormal people would be attracted to. I thought maybe I would find some bold warning that many old buildings have been gutted and just left in ruin providing numerous hazards from boards with protruding nails to minimal structural integrity. Having a wall or building fall on you or your group would probably manage to get your name in the paper usually isn't the best way to make people aware of your group. You  would maybe get an opportunity to find out if ghosts are real but getting killed isn't the preferred method of ghost hunters as far as I know......although in some cases..never-mind.

So I check out the website and what do I find? Here's a list of the dangers in order as they appear on the site-  Mental illness, insanity, possession, obsession, attachments, hitch-hikers, walk-in's (as in belonging to Christopher Walken I assume), push-ins, oppression, infestation, physical problems, mental problems, spiritual problems, insomnia, agitation, personality changes, loss of time, paranoia, hearing voices, hallucinations, animal attacks, slip and fall injuries, getting pushed by entities,assault, fainting spells, unexplained financial difficulties, losing your job, losing your friends, losing your family, losing your reality, losing yourself, changes in appearance, loss of electronic equipment, spider bites, allergic reactions, hypothermia, exposure to the elements, frostbite, loss of faith or belief, unexplained medical issues, depression, eventual hospitalization or therapy, divorce, sudden abandonment of hygiene, alcoholism, sudden drug or substance abuse, self inflicted trauma, automobile accidents, mechanic bills, fires, loss of cell phone functions, indignation from spirits, demonic attachments, loss of pets lives, family members affected, death of relatives, loss of happiness and fulfillment with everything in life, loss of belief system, arrest, jail, rehabilitation, loss of patience, loss of affection, loss of intimacy....

And then it says "The extremely long and more detailed list of the risks can be found below." The LONG list??!

After reading this I was left breathless, partly because I had been giggling through much of it and partly because the list was....well, I'm not sure words can describe it. I'll just call it stupid to simplify things.

Besides the warning about hitch-hikers, which I'm not too sure is a 'top danger', the slips and falls warning was about what I expected. The list sounded more like a "dangers of living life' than a list of dangers specifically attributed to ghost hunting.

I took a look at the 'long list' here are some of the interesting things I found:

"Always remember that while in these environments, you and the investigators are always prone to a spirit attack. You may be shoved, hit, cut and slapped, you may have the wind knocked out of you by an unseen force or find yourself pushed down a flight of stairs. Some investigators have found themselves on the brunt end of a flying object that was thrown at them by an unseen force. Use common sense and always be aware of your environment."

Allow me to say here, if anything is thrown at you or you are hit with an object DO NOT assume it is a ghost. It is more likely a real tangible human who is trying to harm you. I would gamble that in at least 99.9% in such circumstances a real human is the cause. (The other .1% is a knife throwing cat that escaped from the circus)

"In the past we have experienced clients under partial possession who have threatened us with household items. This was documented and we were in danger despite all precautions."

Once again I feel the need to interject...In these cases your 'client' has been upgraded to 'assailant' or 'perpetrator' and possession is not the cause of this person's behavior. Do not try to combat the offender with a crucifix or holy water, find a real person to help or to call for help.

"Many investigators find themselves hearing voices when under a spirit based attack. They will be kept awake for days, pushed, shoved, and touched. They may experience uncontrollable shaking, cold, or fevers around them. This is usually caused by a separate entity affecting their physiological functions. If you feel like something has followed you home from an investigation, let people know."

If this happens to you or anyone you know or hear about get that person to a doctor immediatly. For the 10th time..this is most likely not being caused by and type of entity, the person needs help from a real live medical professional. A demonologist will not cut it and a psychic will not help.

There is 10 blogs of worthless and irresponsible content included with what I have posted here. At the end of the page it reads: "If you have a story and would like to share it of your own experiences with the Dangers of the Paranormal, email us through our contact page at and include DOTP in the title."

Next I hit the link to the video page. There I find Dave Shrader in a couple of videos. I can't figure out if I'm more annoyed by the disinformation Dave is presenting or by the level of boredom I'm feeling while watching. Boring but overall about par for the course.

Then I come to Chris Fleming's video message to the only people in more danger than the cast of Deadliest Catch, ghost hunters. It's not bad until I get to the end. At the end it is as if Chris feels some need to prove he has been 'in the trenches' and tells a couple of incredibly lame stories. One is about his body being taken over and by sheer luck Chris did not fall into a lake, he instead fell backwards into a chair. Yes it was a close call. Good thing someone left that recliner at the edge of the lake or who knows, Chris could have ended up with a  prosthetic butt.

The second story is even more amazing. Chris was walking along minding his own business when he suddenly began to fall forward into a bed of nails that he hadn't noticed laying directly in front of him. As Chris was falling he suddenly stopped falling, hung in the air for a moment and was pushed back upright before being turned into something you would see at the end of a toothpick while attending a middle-income social event.

Then I came upon a video about a young girl. That will be where we pick it up next time. In the meantime I'm going to write an email to

Side note: The domain name Book mark it now.


Enigma said...


Fine job as always! I thoroughly enjoy reading your articles. I also find it rather amusing that the 'dangers' did not include the homeless and drug addicts taking refuge in abandoned buildings that have been deemed 'haunted' or the possible health hazards associated with asbestos, lead paint, etc. Not to mention, rotting floorboards, broken glass, nails, etc. Or possibly being arrested for trespassing! There are a plethora of REAL hazards that do not involve supposedly being possessed or bringing home a 'hitchiker', cling-on or whatever other silly name they want to use. Unfortunately, common sense is not so common anymore....

Anonymous said...

Is it true that Danny "Reap" Paden has a criminal record and has spent time in jail?

Unknown said...

Yes that is true. Would you like me to write some more about that? I have talked about it on my radio show and written about it before.I don't find it very interesting but you seem to have a creepy interest in my life so I'll give you some details. The police in my city don't like me much because I am outspoken. A couple of the cops have a hard-on for me (kinda like you do) Any of the bullshit charges they have made up have never stuck. The time I have spent in jail was only until I could post bail. FYI in this country you can be put in jail before actually being found guilty of a crime by a jury or judge. It happens every day (see DUI charges)I wonder if there is some point you are trying to make if so please make it. Complete thoughts are always more enjoyable to read that random half-witted question about things that are already public knowledge.

Anonymous said...

Chris Fleming is about as psychic as a hubcap and about as interesting.

When he’s not promoting his garbage ghost-busting gear, he’s appearing at the “Through the Veil” conventions in Atlanta (organized by a drunk) hoping to still cash in on the fading notoriety of that sickening cancelled show “Psychic Kids”.
In the ultimate act of shameless self-promotion, I distinctly remember that he was even blogging about some event featuring him attempting to communicate with the spirit of his own dead father. Chris Fleming is the personification of douchebaggery .

Enigma said...

Well said, Reap! Obviously, "Anonymous" (not really, we know who she is!) was trying to capitalize on an already very well known, quite irrelevant, not to mention public record! How lame! LOL!

Fallen said...

To Enigma:

Hey Gerbil- Girl, since you have your head inserted so inextricably up Reaps’ ass why not conduct a prostate exam why you’re there so at least you are serving some discernible purpose.

With all that traffic at Scifake, how on earth are you finding time to post here? LOL

Enigma said...

LOL! I love how obsessed you are with the traffic at SciFake! Ron and I know how many hits a day we get and how many 'real' posters we have and we are not the least bit concerned so you really should not be either! There are far more important things going on in the world than the traffic at SciFake! And as far as your idiotic insults in regards to my head being up Reap's rear end, grow up already. Think whatever you like. It becomes more & more obvious with each of your posts how deluded and demented you are. Now go run yourself a bubble bath dear!

Unknown said...

Hey Fallen and...can't get up. Isn't it sad you have no substance to add to the topic of the blog? It must suck to go through life like a little dog that can only nip at people's heels cause all the vital important part are well beyond your reach and even if you could reach them you still lack the capacity to learn what to do next. You poor thing, I hope you are at least being fed a quality dog food.

Anonymous said...

Based on your continued presence, I guess the traffic here is a matter of extreme importance to you.

And PLEASE, don’t start with your solitary love life consisting of cheap wine, Dollar Store candles, sappy music and soaking in your yellow stained tub again, I just managed to purge the unsavory visual from my head.

@ Reap
If I was you (heaven forbid) every time I looked in the mirror I'd feel sure there must be NO GOD too. LOL

Unknown said...

Is that your best effort at wit? Do yourself a favor, pay the extra buck and have a sixth grader write your material. Although the forth grade mentality fits you the rest of us find it severely lacking

Anonymous said...

I am sorry, I thought you were seriously writing about the paranormal and will be unfollowing your blog. I have been in real situations with real entities who were in fact dangerous and it is not right to make fun of things of which you obviously have done no serious research on or been involved with. if you want to write about the paranormal in fiction thats fine but dont knock what you dont know anything about. This is so embarrassing to see this kind of rude skepticism in this day and age. I guess it doesnt matter what you do as long as you get readers huh? THATS not good writing.

Bob Hole said...

Wow! You were in jail? Were you sore or able to sit down afterwards?

Unknown said...

Anonymous, I am seriously writing about the paranormal. I don't know what incredible power you must THINK you posses to be able to tell me what I have and have not done/seen but I can tell you one thing, you don't have that power so spare me your insight into my own life. What you call "rude skepticism" I call reality. If you really think entities are running around trying to harm people it is your problem. I have never seen nor heard, felt, talked, got felt up by, been kicked or assaulted by a ghost. I have tried every means I could think of to try and make some type of entity present itself. I have summoned them with spells, used a Ouija bpoard, tried to open doors to hell with a Telephone to the Dead or get an operator to send someone to this side....nothing happened. I have been to Waverly Hills and I have been to countless graveyards and 'haunted locatiions'. I am 42 years old and I have done my research. The only possible conclusion I can come to is-I am sane. Obviously your research has resulted in a different finding. Now instead of showing it off, have it treated.

Now, for Bob. That's not something most people have a problem with Bob . I'm sorry if your experience gave you the impression it was.... maybe try drinking less.

Anonymous said...

Wow! At first I thought it cowardly to post insults, and obvious stalking tendencies by someone who won't even post their name....Then I read "Bobs" and realized maybe he should have followed the same no name, for shame behavior. Really? If that is all they have to comment about in regards to your article, then that tells me they are just to stupid to understand it. May I suggest start with smaller reads like "See Jane Run." Seems more to your levels. As for research, may I suggest that more paranormal people open and expand their minds, and actually do research. Taking recordings, or pictures is not research. Research is opening your brain, and excepting the possibility of explanation via science. Real science. If you are so determined to prove the existence of all that is spooky, then you must also look at scientifically proven causes for these events. Read some of the books to start. Shermer, and Dunning is a great place to start. Then go to lectures at your local colleges. You say Reap is a close minded skeptic, but really who is close minded? Most of you are so set in your beliefs, or looking to ride the weak ass gravy train to "stardom" that you wont even budge in the possibility of an explanation. So keep up the good work Reap, if this all the have to complain about then you've done your job. They can't debate in a thought out, and educated manner, so not worth the effort. Morons, will always be morons... You were in jail? Buwahahah! Really old news, but still funny when someone thinks they got something, and all they get is "yawn!"

Anonymous said...

Beth Hedrick said...

Really? If that is all they have to comment about in regards to your article, then that tells me they are just to stupid to understand it.


Don't you mean too stupid understand it? LOL

Anonymous said...

Again, another pointless comment.

Anonymous said...

Pointless to you perhaps but everyone else gets it. LOL

Unknown said...

GRAMMAR POLICE!!! WARNING WARNING!! Attention, some moron who is too chicken shit to sign their name to their post has nothing to talk shit about except that another person forgot to push the 'o' key once. This is clearly a case of the grammar police in action so please ignore accordingly due to the level of stupidity displayed. Thank You, carry on

Sid Vicious said...

Wow yet another brilliant riposte from "Reap", how does he manage to compose these devastating retorts with such elocution and alacrity?

That one "o" makes all the difference in the world when it is part of a sentence telling someone else how stupid they are.

Plato, Augustine, Nietzsche, Huxley and now we have "Reap".


NickE said...

Wow! The ever annoying grammar police also know how to use a thesaurus! We all know that no-one uses terms like elocution and alacrity in their normal, everyday conversations (be it written or spoken). It is more than apparent that those who are trying their very best to deny their obvious inbred, white trailer trash roots would employ such tactics.

Word of advice Sid Envious: Embrace your white trash heritage as well as your rampant stupidity for it is who you really are. Ta ta for now, you brilliant little "genius" you! Oh, and keep that thesaurus and dictionary at the ready in case you want to try to 'one up' the next person who misspells a word or you need a big word to impress the masses!

Anonymous said...

How funny, to see all that can be pointed out in the lame attempt to trash talk is personal jabs. I've yet to see anyone actually try and dispute any of the points made in Reaps article. Reap has his own style of writing, and love or hate him....He makes valid points. Dispute those if you choose, or have the brain capacity to do so.

Unknown said...

You know when Kirby offered the opportunity to write for his site I took him up on it for a couple reasons. 1)I have respect for people who don't believe of think exactly like me but can at least keep in mind that others are going to have different opinions no matter what the topic. If you insist everyone think or believe as you do then you are in for a very big surprise. I doubt Kirby gets surprised much in that manner.
The other reason is there are a great number of those in the paranormal who could use a wake up slap upside the head on several levels. Anyone who thinks they are going to threaten or bully me like they do others is also in for a big surprise(see above)
Sid I have a suggestion- Stop buying your wit at the dollar store. It's dried up and past it's expiration date by the time it gets there.
Besides it hardly hides how stoopid you are. There's a couple extra 'o's for ya. Now you can unbunch your panties, wuss.

Anonymous said...

Some of the negative replies really sound like a couple b.s. fame seeking psychics you have called out to back up their claims. Both fake, and both out for your money. Now excuse me, while I go have some coffee. No pun intended....Ha Ha okay maybe a little.

Anonymous said...

I said "coffee" not "coffey" now that is just gross!

Sid Vicious said...

Oh sorry, I forgot about you guys.

Well it looks like someone went out and knocked on a few trailer doors to rally support and I see the collective IQs of your single digit fan base demographic are dropping faster than your viewpoints Reap.

@ Beth Hedrick
Way to perpetuate that “California airhead” stereotype Beth LOL

@ NickE
I’ve noticed that only the uneducated and inarticulate tend to invoke the thesaurus myth whenever challenged, confronted or perplexed by the specter of multisyllabic words. I mean, don’t you need to have a “big word” to replace with another “big word? Isn’t that how a thesaurus works? (Never used one for the record)

So I’m trying to “impress people” posting under the name “Sid Vicious” (deceased bassist from the Sex Pistols) how does that work exactly? Who would I be trying to impress under this identity? Who would know who I am?


Last and least impressive:
@ Reap

“Stop buying your wit at the dollar store”?

Another brilliantly executed zinger by the sardonic, razor sharp, rapier mind of “Reap”! Oh no, not the wrath of Reap Sow, he was such the daunting entity when he was a Ghost Diva flunky. Please don’t slap me; my fragile psyche cannot withstand another unbridled assault with that meticulous, keen, surgical knife-like debate prowess you possess and wield so mightily LOL

For the record and not that it matters, but judging from your photos, I do suggest you hit the gym for about 20 years before you dare call me a “wus” slim, but I digress.

Who exactly is “threatening or bullying” you Sir? One may surmise that it is in fact you who has his bloomers in a bunch with such exaggerated persecution paranoia and mendacious melodrama.

I never said that I agreed or disagreed with the article but I didn’t find it particularly insightful, innovative or even edgy for that matter TBH. If you want to call out phony TV ghost-busters and psychics (how original) I certainly won’t object (or care for that matter).

What happened, did the “Angry Atheist” persona die when Christopher Hitchens found God on his deathbed? LOL

Ho Hum.

NickE said...

@ Sid Envious:

*YAWN* Bored now. Me thinks you are depriving a village of their idiot. Now run along back to the trailer park where you belong. I can 100% guarantee that you are a bold faced LIAR claiming that you have NEVER used a thesaurus, but whatever! You are obviously going through some sort of trailer park trauma. Oh, by the way, my earlier comment about you trying to impress the masses had nothing to do with your username, genius! It has everything to do with your repeated attempt to feign intelligence by using big words out of a thesaurus.


Anonymous said...

Reap, how did ever get nickE(nigma) to pose for this one? LOL

Sid Vicious said...

@ NickE
What a swift reply from the Dingbat Debutante, had I known you were sitting on the site all day with baited breath, anxiously awaiting my triumphant return, I would have endeavored to set an email alert LOL

You seem a little hysterical Cupcake, is it another Midol Monday?

Again you seem reluctant to address the actual function of a thesaurus, if it was actually the magical tome to which you have clumsily alluded, I’m sure would have utilized it yourself to compose at least one post that is not such a cliché festival of ineptitude and monotonous menopausal meanderings LOL.

I take it unoriginality and chronically stale zingers from the 80’s are a prerequisite to be a member of your crank addled clique huh “Creap”?

Speaking of menopause “NickE” I guess this is how it starts huh? Hot flashes, confusion disorientation, ovaries withering and drying up like grapes dying on the vine?

Speaking of “grapes” isn’t it about time for you to punch open another box of cheap Chablis?
Again sorry I left you hanging like this all day, I was distracted by having a life and such.

Paul_NDPRS said...

I'm not really sure what this argument is about but I have to agree that nickE seriously needs some newer material and Sid is major smart-ass.
Another "Danger Of The Paranormal"

*sneaking back on topic.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Let there be no confusion,“nickE” IS yet another identity of Enigma from Scifake.

Sad but true.

Those redundant, stagnant snipes are here forte and who else is so severely limited as to use the “trailer park” jab twice in one post? (Aside from someone that looked out her own window twice while typing that)

Kind of sad really; an ugly redhead with a distinct feminine hygiene problem (so we hear)and a tragically debilitating literacy deficit struggling with such futility to maintain her composure in the face of such a humiliating exposure as a psychotic cyber stalker and pathological liar.

Blah blah, I pity you,
Blah blah poor little Enigma,
Blah blah, talk about nutty,
Blah blah, up your dosage.
Blah blah, mea culpa
Blah blah, fill your tub.


Anonymous said...

On topic would be nice.

Anonymous said...

So says the airhead who can dish it out when there's several on one.

I’ll take that as surrender in defeat.

Unknown said...

@Sid Vicious do you really think any of what you have said, will say, or could say has any lasting effect on me? I actually enjoy these little back and forth jabs I have every so often. This one so far is typical, the condescending tone of someone who feels a need to point out to others how impressive they are because otherwise it would be overlooked , and rightly so. And let's not forget the alias. Because our uppity trash talker thinks I would hesitate to say how I felt about him to his face ( I assure you I would call you a wuss and any other label that fit to your face without hesitation. Remember, you don't know me, idiot) yet he is too much of a little chicken shit to post using his real name. I wonder if you prefer us to think of you as a no talent heroin addict because inside you know that is the sum of your worth and words. Pity you seem to think of yourself as a man yet you seem to have a bit of trouble 'performing' like a man don't you?
Priceless is how you feel like you need to tell us exactly who sid vicious is like you will not only impress us but cause any reader to blurt out "oh wow!" as they realize the genius and originality of the alias you finally took as your own. (Fred Flintstone and Dumb Donald were also contenders)
In the future if you feel the need to share what it is you approve of or do not approve of about my behavior or writing. Type it up, print it out, put it in an envelope, and mail it to yourself cause it's only you that is interested. That way you keystrokes will not be completely wasted (yes they will)
Let me close this response by reminding you- There is nothing you can do/say that will have enough effect as to be worth the time you spent doing/saying it. I am however flattered that you choose to spend your valuable time addressing myself and others. Since you consider us all so beneath you I wonder why you cant find anything better to do. It is kinda sad actually, poor you. No spine and nothin' to do..

Anonymous said...

defeat says NOT

Unknown said...

Hey Beth I was thinkin' did you see the part where sid "i need a fix" vicious says he was checkin out my pictures? Not picture...PICTURES. Between the fan mail postings here and the checkin out my pics me thinks I has another stalker. I wonder... who is hot for me now? That's the reason they use the name of a no talent heroin addict who murdered his girlfriend and then lied about it in several different ways (you left that part out of your description sid let's try honesty k?)cause he was a lowlife.It's my 'secret admirer'!! How sweet, too bad I'm hetero, sorry :(
The Sex Pistols were a great band but Sid wasn't really any help with the talent part. Sid was useful at acting like an idiot in public just to get attention. How ironic. At least the real sid vicious was fun at parties, this babbling fool sounds like he could put arenas to sleep

Sid Vicious said...

You contributed to this little exchange equally Skippy, it’s a little late to try and play the stalker card.

Don’t flatter yourself, I could barely suffer through the dreck you posted here much less any of your other sub mediocre offerings and I dedicated approximately 2 minutes to Googling your name.

When exactly did I compare myself to Sid Vicious?

Here’s a little lesson in basic physics son:

-I’m a body builder; you are skinny and rather pathetically underdeveloped.

-Fair fight? You wouldn’t last 6 seconds, so drop the tough guy on the internet routine, it’s making me laugh. (End of subject)

I Don’t do drugs, never did and I seriously doubt you can make the same claim.

Not gay, if I was I’d like to think I certainly could do MUCH better than you. LOL

I think Sid sucked on bass and he took that stage name in honor of his hamster, but you just keep rambling on about him thinking this matters.

I’m more than bored at this point and as I don’t want to instill in you a false sense of significance, I’ll go ahead and let this meaningless conversation end.

I do agree that this was a colossal waste of time and make no mistake: You Sir are NO challenge.

You're welcome for this, as what will prove to be your most memorable blog post to date (How sad is that?)

On a positive note, you may find solace in the fact that you are actually less pathetic than Enigma.

Now if you will excuse me, the real world awaits.

Anonymous said...

Oh that's hysterical Sid (who took on the name of the crap ass bass player). Your I'm sooooo bored with this conversation attitude is not cutting it with your over the top need to defend your sexuality. Is it the body builder lil pee pee syndrome, or did he hit a little closer to home? It's okay to be gay. It is genetic after all. I think it's cute. Reminds me of fourth grade. I had this boy that liked me, and to get my attention would hit me, and run. Yeah, you're just like him. When you grow up though, dinner and a movie work much better.

Enigma said...

Per usual, Merita/Aanica is speaking directly out of her rear end. I have no idea who NickE is or whomever else is putting you in your rightful place. I only know Reap from reading his articles. So stop making an arse out of yourself by continually throwing my name out there every time someone spanks you and you go off on one of your psychotic rants that it must be me. I hate to break it to you, but this is only my fourth post on this particular article, the other three comments I posted on 12/15.

However, I do have to agree with NickE, Reap, and Beth's comments. Oh and stop whining about being ganged up on by Reap, Beth and NickE---talk about dishing it out and not being able to take it. Suck it up princess. You deserve whatever is said to you and then some. Especially when you consider how many other web sites you have been banned from due to your constant need to harass, bully and stalk people on-line.

You have some real issues, Merita/Aanica. I sincerely pray that you seek some help for the sake of your mental health and heaven help anyone else (like your child) that has to be subjected to your lunacy/irrational behavior. Frankly, I feel truly sorry for anyone who has to deal with you in real life.

Oh, here are some pics of the psycho that is Merita/Aanica:

Poor thing has no-one to hold the camera for her. Instead, she has to take pics of her reflection all by her lonsesome. I think it is quite obvious why she is flying solo. Who in their right mind would want to put up with such a rancid individual?

Anonymous said...

So Sid is a "she?" I also noticed the pic was posted by "anonymous" so Sid is posting as both. What's the matter no friends to come rescue you?

Enigma said...

@ Reap, Beth & NickE:

I could not possibly agree more with what you have said in response to Merita/Aanica. She keeps posting under "Anonymous" because she is too much of a coward to post under one of her known usernames. However, the fact of the matter is that she more than proved her cowardice when she was an Admin on SciFake!

Poor thing used her Admin privileges to erase all of her post's on SciFake after Chip Coffey used a letter from his attorney to threaten to sue Ron Tebo (and several of his posters on Scifake)for their comments. The little coward got so scared that she tried to erase her entire existence (as well as the existence of her boyfriend who usually posted under the username God of War) from the entire site.

There is a distinct possibly that "if" Merita/Aanica is not posting under the username Sid Vicious, that it is actually her on-line 'boyfriend' (who lives in Chicago, while she lives in South Carolina). He would be the ONLY one trying to come to her rescue because no-one else really gives a flying fig about her or her psychotic ramblings. So bear in mind that it might be him posting under Sid Vicious.

Also, when Merita/Aanica and God of War used to post on SciFake, they did so under numerous usernames in order to make it look like SciFake actually had more traffic and more posters than they actually did. In reality, it was just Aanica and God of War posting back & forth to one another under different usernames.

There was maybe 3 or 4 legitimate posters who would post from time to time but it was mostly the two of them trying to make it look like they had more posters. How is that for psycho??? LOL! I have all of their usernames along with their IP addresses as proof, so they can try to deny it all they want to but facts are facts!

So, that is who/what you guys are dealing with when it comes to these on-line idiots who have a VERY long history of harassing, stalking and bullying people on-line. They have absolutely nothing better to do with their time than post moronic comments and then attack whomever doesn't bow down to their b.s.

Anonymous said...

Oh it just keeps getting better. I love laughing my ass off first thing in the morning. I just got a visual of a body building chick trying to kick Reaps ass! I'd pay money to see that. That is the funniest thing ever. So Sid..... Balls or no balls, which is it?

Enigma said...

@ Beth:

Yes, it DOES just keep getting better. I have both of their real names as well (first and last), but I will keep that information to myself (for now). As a former cop and now private investigator, there really isn't much that I cannot find out when I want/need to! I have been playing nice thus far. That very well may change, it all depends upon how the nut jobs want to play this out! Some people just do not seem to realize when they are WAY out of their league! They are stuck playing checkers while the rest of us are playing chess....

Anonymous said...

I guess we will wait and see. Tick tock, tick tock.

Unknown said...

@sid (the heroin addict) For somebody who thinks they are smart you sure are stupid. It's my blog dumb shit I belong here. YOU are simply here because you are in love with me. You play like you don't have feelings for me but you are still here despite the fact I have been verbally abusing you for days. No one is forcing you to read my blogs or to continue to comment. The fact that you felt compelled to google my name at all speaks volumes I can cover quite a bit in two minutes I would bet you could too considering you were probably working yourself into a frenzy thinking about me. It's cool I'm flattered but like I said.....Hetero

"When exactly did I compare myself to Sid Vicious?" Um, when you picked his name as the one you want people to use when they refer to you. What image do you think is going to come from using that name, a ham sandwich? Fuck, did you really say that?
I don't give a shit if you consider jacking yourself off as bodybuilding I ain't impressed. Just cause you are strong doesn't mean you can fight moron. I've had my share of fights and I can hold my own quite well, trust that.

If you don't do drugs then why take the name of a well known drug addict? I don't know where your disconnect is but you don't seem to understand- Words put pictures into the minds of people. Your vocabulary sure doesn't seem to be very useful to you because you keep tripping over simple concepts. If you can't at least grasp the obvious then you sure as hell aren't gonna be giving any physics lessons worth a shit.
Allow me to show you how it's done and give you a little lesson in Physics-
Lesson 1)You don't matter.
Ha ha now that is funny shit! No wonder you love me.
I know you are playing the "i'm bored" game now so that you can ease out of the whoopin' I've been giving you. That's cool nobody likes to be made to look stupid everytime they comment, you must be tired.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh poor Sid. Keep your chin up little fella. You'll find love before you know it. Don't take it as rejection, but a chance for you to indulge yourself in self improvement. Your man is out there and you'll be far better for him, with some learned skills.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Sid Vicious said...

Sorry but I don't speak fluent "White Trash" nor am I inclined to participate in whatever esoteric penitentiary mating ritual you keep attempting to initiate. Interesting how homosexuality obviously figures prominently in your psyche yet it never crosses my mind.

As previously stated; spending 2 minutes Googling you, laughing at your frail, ectomorphic stature and pointing out the absurdity of someone I could snap like a twig over my knee playing hard ass on the internet does not always constitute a homosexual overture regardless of what may have transpired during your residency on Cell Block D.

I provided you with ample opportunity to terminate this Down syndrome Ping-Pong match but that fragile ego compels you to forge ahead in an obstinate ego preservation crusade and fruitless campaign to buffet your shallow, warped, nihilistic world views.

Again I’m not going to denigrate myself by engaging in a virtual primitive chest pounding contest with such an inferior specimen, but I highly doubt my more than adequate fighting skills would be required to dispatch someone that probably weighs 160 LBs soaking wet. LOL

Since you are such a knuckle dragging, slack jawed; Neanderthal, I’m starting to feel more like an aspiring post grad anthropologist enduring a tedious dissertation but lacking the perks of a much deserved stipend, so I’ll go ahead and let you continue to believe you have won here.

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that if someone approached you on the street and asked you to name the Vice President of the U.S., you would just stand there blinking with the same blank expression you are displaying in your avatar.

Anonymous said...

@Stephanie A. Hatton, AKA: Enigma/Sandra/nickE/TellingItLikeItIs/SickOfTheBS/TomTom and the innumerable others I have proven you to be here alone:

You really need to get over this obsession and with that skanky, haggard, ginger look you sport so shamelessly, it seems a little ridiculous for you to criticize ANYONE'S appearance for any reason.

“Everyone on the internet is Aanica! Even though I have spent years cyber bullying and stalking countless people on the web, only one person could possibly hate me!”

So I see you are posting replies to yourself again just like the like at Scifake, huh Enigma/nickE LOL

Anonymous said...

Yes, the evidence is really piling up at this point that Enigma has posted here under multiple identities to satiate here irrepressible compulsion to stalk and harass others the net as the serial cyber-bully she has incessantly proven herself to be over the last 4 years or so.

The same weak little expressions and catch phrases over and over and over:


August 25, 2011 at 12:32 pm
"Oh, brother….What nonsensical drivel.

March 2, 2009 at 12:44 am
"... which is pretty much his normal method of operation. He likes to play the ‘victim’ and puts on this ‘pity poor me’ act, which is not only nauseating, but entirely fake. .."

October 1, 2009 at 8:34 am
"To write Britt’s actions off as just something funny that he did is (in my opinion) indicative of why we live in such a screwed up world where this type of asinine behavior is encouraged, accepted and supported by those who want to make nonsensical analogies about having ‘jungle sex’ with their spouses and filming it and try to compare that with what Britt did with his giant, plastic dong...."


Sandra said...
"So full of envy and hate...Poor little Aanica. Save the "net" for yourself. I don't think I have ever encountered someone as loony or obnoxious on the internet as you. But then, this type of petty, asinine behavior has been your method of operation for several years now, and on many other web sites. You have been banned and run off from so many sites now that it mus be hard for you to keep track. Hopefully, Mr. Robinson will end your tyrranical bullying and non-stop attacks on various posters his web site. You can keep on denying that you need mental health assistance, but anyone who reads your nonsensical drivel can discern for themselves that you are crazier than an outhouse rat. You must be a real peach to be around in real life! I sincerely hope that you do not have children, as I pray that you have not passed on your insanity to them. Now go up your dose. "

Enigma says:
September 14, 2009 at 1:36 pm
"Cuckoo-cuckoo…cuckoo-cuckoo….cuckoo-cuckoo…Time to “up” your dosage me thinks! Do you even remotely grasp how psychotic and out-of-touch with reality you come across as being???...."

TomTom said...

"...Poor thing. Do you feel better yet? Try upping your dose."

December 13, 2011 5:23 AM


(Beth, perhaps Reap can explain some of this to you but basically it proves beyond a shadow of a doubt Enigma is a psycho stalker that has posted here and elsewhere under multiple aliases.)

Anonymous said...

Sid, Sid, Sid, you are lacking in social skills, and your over explained replies tell me a few things.

1. you are clearly insecure, so you must make yourself feel important by using big words, and and "I'm so smart" attitude. Keep it up, maybe you'll believe it someday.

2. You have issues with sexuality, in particular homosexuals. Shown by your, hmmmm what did you call it? OH YEAH, chest thumping, knuckle dragging, testosterone pumping (I threw that one in) mentality.

3. We are getting under your skin, but you will continue to come back to reassure yourself that you're smart, you just won't be able to help yourself.

4. I clearly read your defeat in your reply. Tsk tsk

I'm sure your Mommy will give you a great big hug.

Anonymous said...

Gosh what a coincidence, Sandra used the unusual expression "Mea culpa" in another blog here at EOP and so has Enigma at Scifake.

Wow, what are the chances? LOL


Enigma: April 1, 2009 at 1:45 pm

"Make that “disgusted” not “digested”!!!!!!!!!! Mea culpa on the typo!!!!"
(Are you sure you posted enough exclamation points there Red?)

So are you still going to insist you aren't Sandra in the other this other EOP Blog?

There are plenty of other words, phrases and dialectic idioms like: "nutty", "poor little you", "I pity you"."nut-job", "whack-job" and other variations on the same rhetoric unquestionably connecting Enigma to Sandra and other identities here that have also engaged in almost identical cyber bullying tactics.

Again, we obviously have MUCH to discuss about this depraved, bullying, obsessive, hate-baiting, profanity spewing, mood-swinging, multi-personalitied, melodramatic wretch; Enigma/Stephie/nickE.

Unknown said...

Okay look, stupid. Do you REALLY think you can judge me by what you know on the internet? Why do you keep making yourself look like an idiot?
I love the way you claim I have no wit and then say I'm a "knuckle dragging, slack jawed; Neanderthal.Is that your example of an intelligent derogatory phrase?
I'm sure your 3rd grade friends would be very impressed. They might even vote to make you king of the monkey bars. Then you can go by the name "King Monkey" it's better than being a heroin addict your whole life. FYI- There's no future in that.
Do you think I haven't been in fights? I have and none of 'em involved some dumb-shit blabbering on for an hour while he hides behind a dumpster so I can't see who he is.If you want to kick my ass talk less and do it, otherwise STFU, snapping twigs doesn't impress me. Besides fighting is the last resort of the intelligent and the first resort of the stupid. Do you want to kick my ass because I'm smarter than you??How pathetic, if you can't beat it, you beat it up. More to impress the 3rd graders I guess.
Here's another interesting point- I never said "homosexual", not once. You are the one who brought up the term. Interesting.

I knew I could bait you to come back and I did. It's like I had control over you. You resemble a very boring, not too bright muppet.
You are correct I can claim victory--Because you can't win.
Come back any fucking time but next time use bring a link to your blog, I'd love to read it. I'm sure it must be very impressive.(psst... I'm lying, it's not)

Sid Vicious said...

Beth Hun, even though that post is way too cohesive for it to have possibly been written by you, the fact remains that Reap is the one that keeps revealing his overt predilection for homo erotica, not me. If that's his orientation then fine, but he keeps mentioning gay romance, not me. The posts are all right here in black and white and you can't just count on other people being as confused as you are by not seeing this.

Get someone else to write the next one for you, this person is not making you look any smarter.

*You can almost see the back of Beth's skull if you zoom in on her eyes.

Sid Vicious said...

Awwwww are you getting all flustered?

You are really a repetitive little Cro-Magnon Reap.

"3rd grade", "4th grade" and "6th grade" so far in different posts,
what a redundant slug, have you nothing new?

Put down the glass pipe sport, that meth saturated brain is obviously atrophied beyond rejuvenation at this point.

Yes Sid was a heroin addict so of course by your distorted logic, this means that I am one also because I selected it as an aloof user name. Only idiots used their real names on the net, there is no courage involved dumb-ass.

One minute you are a tough guy claiming I wouldn't say anything to your face, the next you are a whiny little bitch crying because he got his butt kicked in a meaningless internet battle, so stop flip flopping so much like the typical liberal douche-bag you are.

Anonymous said...

Thought you were done? Funny I was spot on in my assessment. You scream "lil man complex"......Such a douche.

Unknown said...

You came back again??! Ha ha you twit! Oh, sorry I mean "Boo-hoo sid you are right you beat me in an internet 'battle' and you can kick my ass just like you would a twig please sid stop saying bad things about me cause I'm gonna fuckin' cry..." Give me a fucking break man. I have been slappin you upside your head over and over. When you reply it's to about 1/4 of all the shit I've said about you. I guess that makes sense cause you are about 1/4 as intelligent (1/25 as funny)
Allow me to explain the obvious to you once again...sigh. The reason I keep referring to you and your little whore gf or whoever as grade school children is because it describes your comments perfectly. Don't blame me for your comments. You wrote 'em, not me.Just like the reason you use the name sid vicious is because it fits. How many different names could you have picked? Out of countless names and name combinations you pick a loser drug addict who had no talent. I can understand the fact you are a little pussy who needs to hide cause he's afraid the internet monster will come and get him but fuck use a little common sense or at least don't be surprised when people talk shit.Why didn't you pick Adolf Hitler as your screen name? ARE YOU GETTING ANY OF THIS?
I really have better things to do than come back to this blog and kick you in the face repeatedly but if you insist on making me one of the things you need to spend time on I will keep coming back to steal some more of your dignity. Kinda pathetic you have spent this much time just talking lame ass shit to what end I have no idea. You are just some moron who is too fucking stupid to realize he is making a spectacle of himself in public.
Your replies are weak, you are boring as hell, you are a chicken-shit wimp, and your threats are as hollow as your head. I've done this a thousand times, you won't win, there is nothing you can do about it, The End.
Now let's see, will sid finally connect the dots or will he come back and impress us all with some more idiocy...?? Like I have to ask.

Anonymous said...

He'll be back. Want to place a wager?

Anonymous said...

@ Reap
One sentence from me is tantamount to a dictated novel from your depleted cranium because you are an uneducated, babbling, incoherent buffoon.

Perhaps you niche in life lies in composing prison romance novels since this seems to be a subject that occupies such an inordinate amount of your thoughts.

Seeing as you look like someone that couldn’t fight his way out of a paper bag, you really need to stop calling people chicken shit from your computer.

Every post you make could in itself serve as an anti-meth PSA.

You scrawny, pathetically undeveloped weasel, thanks for such a poignant presentation of your severe limitations.

@ Beth
Care to wager that I will make fun of your unusually large forehead?

Unknown said...

Ha! What happened? Did you realize I was right about the name so now you are going by anonymous? Too fuckin funny! But now you don't have a cool name to make it look like you are dangerous and hip.
Did someone drop a stupid bomb on your house? You keep blaming me for your own shortcomings. Don't take it out on me because you are a chicken-shit pussy, maybe lay some blame on your mother. I'm sure it was traumatic when you walked in on her one day and learned she has a dick. You poor son of a bitch no wonder you are so uptight.
Hey, do you talk to people in real life the way you have posted here? I'm guessing no because even you can not be that anal.(I could very well be wrong on this) So that would make YOU the fake fuck behind the keyboard wouldn't it?
When you are ready to meet up for lunch you let me know and I'll be happy to tell you in person what I think about you, ya sorry ass punk.
All your rhetoric only makes you look incredibly stupid. The fact is you don't know shit about me except what you learned from a 2 min google search so why not shut the hole under your nose? You have already made it perfectly clear you are an inept fool who lacks any style and you write like there is a dictionary shoved up your ass.

Anonymous said...

Oh I know what it is! Sid is suffering from roid rage. Allot of "puny" guys take them to feel big n mighty. What is it Sid? Are you mad cause your nuts have shriveled to the size of peanuts? Or could it be the dense bone structure change just about your eye brows, making you look more like a ape then man? Well, I hope you are at least smart enough not to go across the border for them (including internet) Mexico has really bad crap. Don't want your dick to fall off.

Unknown said...

Ha ha his mom probably has a bigger dick than him! Yet another reason why this dude is so uptight. I almost feel sorry for him....almost

Enigma said...

Soooooo weak Aanica...But then, I just consider the source and that pretty much explains it all. Do you really think that I am the ONLY one in the entire universe who has used the phrase "Mea Culpa"? If so, then you are dumber than you look. I love your work as a Junior Detective, but you are completely clueless (as usual).

You can keep copying & pasting all of the so called 'evidence' that you want, it is a total waste of time as no-one truly gives a rats behind about all of your nonsensical ramblings. Everything you post is just a bunch of repetitive psychobabble. Your repeated attempts to draw non-existent parallels are truly hilarious though.

It has been rather amusing though, reading your lame attempts to appear educated, when clearly, you're not! LOL! Although this has already been pointed out, you are OBVIOUSLY using a thesaurus and dictionary, as no-one writes or tries to speak as you do in normal, everyday conversations. Whether you realize it or not, your posts are exceedingly psychotic.

I have to admit that it is utterly hilarious though to see you keep coming back here just to have your ass handed to you by Reap, Beth, and even NickE! All of your years of attacking, stalking and bullying people online is coming back to bite you squarely on the ass. Keep up your bullshit though and I will make sure that you are completely outed all across the internet. Especially on all of the sites where you have been banned or are currently attacking people. Frankly, you do not belong on the internet.

All you do is hurl insults like a child and then run & hide when your nasty little mouth writes a check that your dumb ass simply can't cash. Just like you ran like a little bitch from Scifake and erased all of your posts when Chip Coffey threatened to sue. Funny how you keep overlooking this fact and not even remotely addressing it! LOL! Truth hurts doesn't it, coward?

All you do is avoid valid points by trying to create a bunch of subterfuge; however, valid points have been made about you as well as your total lack of intelligence, tact, integrity and sanity. However, you lack the one true weapon that gets most people through life: COURAGE. You hide behind a bunch of usernames and spew vile insults and then when it looks like you might get into trouble or you get your ass handed to you by someone far more intelligent, you run off like a coward to the next web site and repeat the same tired, played out, pathetic pattern.

At the end of the day, you are a joke. A cliché. Your mere existence must be to simply serve as a warning to others. Say whatever you want to about me, I really do not care. Your words and opinions mean absolutely nothing to me. You know, everyone has the right to be ignorant, Aanica, but damn---you keep abusing the privilege! Here is the last words I will ever type to you....I think that a bit of Shakespeare will serve best:

You are not worth another word, else I'd call you knave.
~All's well that ends well

Unknown said...

Ha ha YEA! So F*CK Y*U!

Anonymous said...

Wait! Did you hear that? Potters Field just called. Sids been buried. Such a easy one. Rest in Pieces Sid.

Anonymous said...

Oh Stephanie/Stacy/Enigma it must be so disappointing and unfulfilling when your hairy, masculine better half has to strap on that plastic appendage to fill the void no man would ever want to fill. I suspect this is at the root of your crankiness and even your bathtub release rituals don’t seem to be cutting the mustard. LOL

“Mea culpa” in conjunction with the myriad of other signature skank-speak phrases and paranormal esoterica you have used ad nauseum over the last 4 plus years we have meticulously matched to you and other identities here you mean?

“Up your dosage” “me thinks” “nonsensical drivel” “Mea culpa” “diddle yourself” “asinine behavior” “method of operation” “subterfuge” and the list goes on.

Regular posters and contributors left Scifake in droves when you returned to relive 2008 and the TASPSCON scandal which was the hallmark of the “Enigma Era” which has long since run it’s ephemeral course and the mass exodus continues.

Truth be told, after an obsessive, long history of vile, petty Chip Coffey bashing when the threat of a lawsuit surfaced she suddenly changed her tone.


You have never stood for anything that was morally and ethically right, you are a gratuitous hater, a compulsive cyber bully and a serial stalker. The deeper we continue to dig, the more we uncover to prove this.

MUCH more to come.

(Somewhere a tub is filling with water in a tiny, low rent, Florida studio apartment)

@ Reap
Reduced and relegated to making “your momma” insults? You are not a smart man.

I am seriously having trouble validating the expenditure of the simple kinetic energy required to type a reply in rebuttal at this point. Plus I would imagine you have to look into getting more tacky, white trash tattoos to conceal those track marks, so scamper along you puny man with girly pipe cleaner arms. LOL

@ Beth
With that macro-forehead you really need to consider a more flattering hairstyle, I suggest bangs LOL

Anonymous said...

Well Sid is definitely a she. Only a chick would go for the hair comment. Funny she tells Reap his jokes are childish, then in the same comment makes a grade school jealous girl comment. Way to prove how smart you are. You're making a tool of yourself. Funny coming from a pussy that won't post their name or picture.

Anonymous said...

Beth do you just sit on here all day refreshing the page waiting for replies?

Unknown said...

Yes she does , we all do because pointing and laughing at you idiots is what makes our lives complete. You are that important.......fuck, you are one huge dumb shit. Do you ever learn?

Unknown said...

"I am seriously having trouble validating the expenditure of the simple kinetic energy required to type a reply in rebuttal at this point."
I'll translate.
"Since I have been getting punched in my face everytime I open my big mouth maybe it's time for me to STFU"
I'd like to add..When a moron tells you he thinks you are dumb does it mean anything to you? No? Yea, me either so shove it up your ass moron.
I'll make any fucking jokes I please. You don't like it? Come on over to my place and stop me. Now stop whining like a sick puppy, it's pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Moron, ass, 3rd grade, gay, your momma, STFU, idiot, F**k you.

Oh yeah, you are certainly a force to be reckoned with Reap LOL

No I don't want to "come over" to your filthy hovel and you already know how badly I would pound you so why pretend you are a real man?

Nothing like a public meltdown little guy, you look like such a fool. :)

Anonymous said...

Nah Sid, I actually do have a life outside of this, which I'm sure is more then your brain can cope with. I bet you totally freak the hell out when you enter the real world. Most people with social disorders suffer from anxiety such as yours. You really need to stick with the doctor, and work your mental issues out.
See I have this really cool little gadget, and it's called a smart phone. With these wondrous lil things, I can keep up with everything, and still venture out into the world. Emails can be sent to my phone, and no matter where I am.... voila! I can respond. You seem to enjoy digging yourself deeper and deeper into the dip shit pit. I'm going to enjoy watching it unfold. You are one self sadistic jack ass. Better call your Counselor, I feel some deep seeded issues of yours bubbling out of your roid shriveled brain.

Anonymous said...

I came here to get some info on Eye on the Paranormal. This is more bizarre, people coming to someone's blog to say how much they don't follow/don't like/don't believe him. I don't know Reap & have no dog in the fight but after the first 5 entries I had to stop reading your comments & try to find more stuff Reap wrote. If he didn't pay all you guys to talk crap on his blog (72 comments & counting) & you're really taking the time outta your fruitful lives to come to someone's site you clearly follow/have a hard-on for, you're insane.
You actually made him look really popular & I'm now more interested.
You're all adults. Just read through what you guys wrote, it's infantile. If more of you were more like your on line personas in REAL life, this world would be a better place. More people wouldn't put up with the crap our government forces down our throats. Which is what you all should worry about instead of some guy you can't stand (but manage to bookmark his blog page? for the love of god).
But instead, like so many people now, you feel safe behind a computer screen but you'd never have ANY guts in real life. In a couple of years they'll have a name for it besides "cyber bullying" because that's not it, you're not even smart/witty enough to be a bully. "screen courage" is more like it.
My point is, I just want to read stuff that pertains to the subject of this blog. I don't care if Reap went to jail or a strip club. Some of you probably deserve jail & have never been & that's why you're pointing out Reap's info. You only manage to make him look & more interesting. If that's your purpose then continue, it just looks freaking pathetic.

Sid Vicious said...

@ Beth
Good grief, stop groveling for my attention Marcy Mongoloid LOL

I see you are utilizing that mobile technology to its fullest potential by maintaining such a constant vigil on this blog, how wonderful that you can venture out to Wal-Mart without the risk of a new post rolling in without you replying to it within 5 minutes.

I only became “sadistic” when you all started to lose in such a lopsided fashion thinking this was going to be yet another occasion where You, Reap and other likeminded sub-humans gang up on and cyber bully a lone individual like so many times before.

Speaking of “lopsided” have you put any thought into getting bangs to help cover that massive forehead as suggested?

There's plenty of "Reap stuff" here in the comments and it certainly does not deviate from his usual putrid, mindless drek in any respect (enjoy).

Make no mistake he loves this, being the biggest traffic thread he has ever had (and ever will) regardless of how much of a blithering imbecile he has comported himself to be as a result.

I will admit that I am thoroughly bored with the lack of intellectual stimulation, challenge and the overall ineptitude exhibited here thus far.

I will probably pull the plug on the energy I temporarily infused into your hapless, useless little lives now and watch as you all crash when the sudden negativity deprivation on which you all so thrive is abruptly halted.

Strip club? No he already admitted to being a convict in an earlier angry post as I recall. LOL

Unknown said...

@sid (glutton for punishment)Why are you still rambling? I don't even bother to read your entire comment anymore. I've explained to you over and over I just can't bring myself to give even the smallest amount of fuck about anything you have to say. How many people have to tell you what kind of dolt you are making of yourself before you get it? I can not believe even you are so god damn dumb you can't see that people are either pointing and laughing at you or shaking their heads with pity over your display of limp wit.But you have shown it to be true.
If ignorance is bliss, you must be multi-orgasmic.

Sid Vicious said...

@ cReap

Hmmmmmm, “If ignorance is bliss, you must be multi-orgasmic” … you must just crack them up down at the methadone clinic.

Imagine if you will; a Rhodes Scholar in repose with a glass pipe, the new sensibility of American aristocracy.

Do keep up the public breakdown you silly primate; I have never seen such a vile cretin with such a delusional, inflated sense of self importance and it amuses me immensely to see you falter and fail so poetically.

Anonymous said...

Hey Sid did you know...

More People use blue toothbrushes then red ones.

Simply fascinating.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

For someone with such a protuberant cranium you seem to have such a diminutive brain.

Now that’s fascinating.

Just put on a skirt and skip around your trailer, you may as well.

Anonymous said...

Hey Sid, Did you know?

Despite the fact that 77 percent of Americans go to the grocery store with a list, it's estimated that half of everything bought there is bought on impulse. Supermarkets report very strong sales of almost anything they stock at the check-out line.

Unknown said...

@sid I hate to break it to ya but none of the shit I post is for you fuckwad. It's for the entertainment of others. There are at least a few people who are thoroughly enjoying watching you make a mockery of yourself. you know, when I got 5 words into your first comment I already knew what type you were. Boring, egotistical and dumb as a box of rocks. Any claim you have to being above me or too busy to bother with such a low form of life is complete shit. How many times have you said "Oh you neanderthal knuckle draggers I have far better things to do than to waste time dealing with such trailer trash meth smoking buffoons as you" or how about this "I am thoroughly bored with the lack of intellectual stimulation, challenge and the overall ineptitude exhibited here thus far." ha ha! I don't know what you have shoved up your ass to make you talk like that but it sure does make you feel like you are one important son of a bitch doesn't it?? I'm sorry I was ignoring your comments now I must go back and read what I've missed. It's like watching somebody you think is a huge jackass walk in front of a train...over and over and over. The first couple times you shout "look out!" but then you think eh fuck him he's a dick and it's kinda fun to watch. You keep walking in front of the train little siddy and I'll sit here in my chair watchin.
And whoever it was who told me to put on a skirt....lame. AT LEAST TRY!

Anonymous said...

Hey Sid,

I decided to take your approach in arguing, by posting totally useless and way off in left field comments like yours. If you want to waste time by posting a bunch of babble, then I suggest you do it with other people that may actually give a crap. Although I'm sorry to say, you may find yourself the only one listening.

Anonymous said...

At least try and get a personality. You are extremely dull, and you have wore out the "stick up your ass" approach. At least try a little humor, and I insist on originality.

Sid Vicious said...

Okay Beth, you made a valid point, no reason to get a big head over it.

(I couldn't resist)

@ Reap

You are seriously coming unhinged and it's almost pittiable.

Perhaps you can try out for the part of the Geico Cavemans’ less insurance savvy brother or maybe an adult version of “Cha-ka” in a Land Of The Lost sequel, I’m sure you have the simian knuckle walking down so it wouldn’t be much of a stretch.

@ Enigma/Stephanie/nickE/TomTom/Sandra/TiredOfTheBS/TellingItLikeItIs/BeEatingU:

Try upping your meds

(I feel cheap now and need a shower)

Unknown said...

@sid What are you talking about? Do you really think I am getting worked up over you? I don't know what incredible event transpired and gave you the impression you have of yourself but I think it's safe to say you misunderstood the message.
I'll keep coming back to answer you cause it is my post but you really are a drag. Like I said before I've played this game a lot of times before you came along but I can't think of anyone as just plain outright stupid as you. The caveman jokes? They were fucking dumb the first time you used 'em. I pointed that fact out for your own benefit.(you're welcome) What do you do? You keep using material which can be heard on playgrounds across the country each and every day.
I know you must spend hours admiring yourself while you lift your weights. That's important because you are going to need a lot of muscle to beat up everyone who is smarter than you. Maybe instead of lifting weights and staring at yourself so much,you should try and get out more. You know, maybe find a nice fella to hang out with? Someone who can teach you how to talk like a normal person. That way you won't sound like you have the last 3 editions of Websters Dictionary shoved up your ass..... Or, you could throw yourself off a ten story building. I doubt anyone who has ever been forced to listen to you would object to that solution.
I'm glad I had this opportunity to give you some guidance in your time of extreme need. And you thought I was angry! You don't get many things right do you? That's sad but I'm not sure I can feel any more pity for you than I already do....Sorry.

Sid Vicious said...

So my material the fodder of playgrounds everywhere while at the same time I must have 3 dictionaries shoved up my ass?

God you are dumb, keep dancing douchebag LOL

Unknown said... I'm talking shit. You are making neanderthal jokes, BIG difference but only if you are smart enough to get it, you aren't.

Anonymous said...

Curious,Enigma why did you pretend to be someone named “Sandra” here at EOP right after you posted a picture with the caption “Sandra Lynn Sparks” with your recent Scifake blog? Would you mind explaining that please?"