Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Issue 135 – Demonic Cancer, Fake Hauntings, Fake Murder Bordello, Fake Author Reviews & More!

By Kirby Robinson

UPDATE! Due to technical difficulties, the radio show will be airing this Monday, September 30.
The show will be called AN EYE ON FAKE HAUNTINGS [7 PST/ 10 EST]

Sorry I've been away for a few weeks with my caseload, and trying to get a book out. Sometimes, something has to give. However, we sure have some bad bad things to share with you.

Breaking News!

This author contacted me via Facebook email and absolutely denied any wrongdoing.

Who Gave Ryan Buell Cancer?

Ryan Buell's incessant need for shameless self-promotion, and milking his unfortunate cult followers for money, now claims that demons could have given him cancer.

There are a couple of issues with what he says. 1. There is no proof that he ever ran into a demon. Should he have run into any, Ryan has no demonology training other than consulting with the infamous Lorraine Warren. And Ms. Warren has proven repeatedly that she'll fake any type of haunting or demonic activity for profit. 2. It might not have been demons. Even after bowing out of his show in 2011, Mr. Buell continued to mock God. God might have removed His protection and allowed the illness to enter his body. For God won't be mocked by anyone, surely not a fake ghost hunter or a fake demon chaser. In the book Never Mock God: An Unauthorized Investigation into Paranormal State's 'I Am Six' Case, we've shown how Mr. Buell mocked God throughout the run of his show.

Aron Houdini & the Klinge Brothers Might Not Be Kissing Cousins but They're Close

Apparently, the false murder bordello is going to open in October. Sadly, the owners have chosen to turn their backs on the truth and embrace the lies.

Billed as the last living Houdini, Aron Houdini occasionally shows up on some radio shows. He falsely claims that he's all about truth and honesty yet works alongside such fakes as the Klinge Brothers.

Looks like Aron wants a BAD BAD THING award.

The Galena Murder Bordello DVD – What a Ripoff!

Yes, it's that bad.

1 The DVD won't play in your DVD player. If you're using an older laptop you're out of luck as it won't play on that, either. This DVD will only play on newer laptops and PC's.

2 Nowhere on the cover is the consumer warned of this.

3 The cover states a running time of 54 minutes. When you load it into the laptop you see that you're in for a running time of 1 hour 28 minutes.

4 In a future book, we'll break everything down scene by scene. Be warned that the production elements seen in this DVD are amateurish at best and subpar overall.

If you want to throw away $16 [$10 for the DVD plus $6 for shipping and handling] that's entirely your decision to make.

Crazy people doing crazy things when it comes to demons!

A former exchange student in Boynton Beach, Florida attacks senior citizen, claiming he's protecting her from demons. Full story:

It's no holiday in this Florida suburb! In Holiday, a boyfriend tries to beat the demons out of his girlfriend.

Next week: more wacky paranormal news.

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Anonymous said...

IS there any proof that Ryan even had cancer? is he somehow cured from pancreatic cancer? Where is the proof he had it. Rumors are floating around he is saying angels cured him. Check into it.

Anonymous said...

Did he pull "sorry I got cancer" to get out of lawsuit from paying for an event that never happened?