Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Issue 94 – Don’t Pick on MY Fake Exorcist & Special Announcements

By Kirby Robinson

Hello everybody!

Special Thanksgiving Week Blog Series

C.C. Starbuck, the author of the book, Children of the Paranormal: Psychic Kids: Fact or Fake? has given us permission to serialize the book from November 23 through the 25. This is being done because our bloggers are taking a break and gathering with their familes for the Thanksgiving weekend. Now, anyone will have a chance to read the book that exposes the fakery behind the claims.

November 21, 2012: The Countdown Begins

From November 21 to the night of Dec 21, 2012, we’ll be focusing on one of the biggest hoaxes in ages: the end of the world has we know it. The dark forces are having a high old time enjoying snaring millions in the lie. 

So we will take a look at what most of the public isn’t seeing and bring the truth to light. Be sure to hit Wal-Mart, Target, Toys R Us, and all the other stores that are having bargains, as there will be a Christmas Day this year!

Don’t pick on MY Pal, the Fake Exorcist

When I was a child, the old folks would say that the reason nothing ever changed in Washington DC is that while everyone wanted to throw out the bum representatives and senators out of office, but no one ever want to throw out THEIR bum representatives and senators.

Recently, I got a response from a well-known critic of highjinks by demonologists and other folk in the paranormal running about casting out fake demons and leaving those with real ones to fend for themselves. This individual was very upset with the facts I presented.

It might be true what you’re saying, but the guy was my pal, so I don’t want the book to come out.

It’s very odd if you think about it. Everything I point out that the fake exorcist did, his name by the way is Andrew Calder, and the book’s name is Never Mock God. Yet everything this critic has publicly said: you should never film an exorcism for TV, that only Catholic priests should recite the Roman rite, has been changed because: don’t pick on my pal the fake exorcist.

The paranormal and Washington are so much alike. Don’t pick on my bum and everything will stay the same.

Bob Larson’s Been Watching WAAAAY Too Much Paranormal TV

Each time I think that Bob Larson is fading away, he comes back with a vengeance, just like in those slasher movies. No matter how much bad PR the guy gets he keeps popping back up.

For those who do not know who Bob Larson is, at one time or another, Bob’s been an evangelist, an author, a talk show host, and now an exorcist. He is someone that Andrew Calder studied closely. Here’s a link that shares all his latest actions from having a stable of teenage girls performing exorcisms to his plans to launch an online school for exorcists.

The next link is Bob performing a fake exorcism in a church. If you’ve had a chance to read my recent book, you’d know the man shows no demonic signs at all. Also, note that Bob uses the name of Jesus very little but he sure uses the word I a lot!

The clip reminds one of another very well known fake exorcism:

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