Thursday, April 26, 2012

Satan Is Still Alive

By Lisa Grace

Those who read my articles know I’m an unapologetic believer in the Holy Scriptures as the inspired word of God. I include this sentence first for those who don’t know where I’m coming from, especially since the article today deals with Satan and one of his great deceptions and all religions as a whole.

This week I’ve been busy with final edits on the third book in my Angel series Angel in the Ice, Book 3. As anyone who writes or explores the supernatural from a Biblical point of view has learned, many obstacles pop up when anyone dares to shed light on the truth about Satan, the fallen angels, or demonic influences on the modern world.

As part of my research for my books, I read what other authors write about the paranormal in the Holy Scriptures. This week my reading includes a book written back in in 1972 (but I’m reading the updated 1977 version) of Hal Lindsey’s (with C. C. Carlson) Satan Is Alive And Well On Planet Earth.

What I find so fascinating about this book, is how the author is shocked at the abundance of those practicing witchcraft and/or the religion of Wicca. Of course, the numbers are much larger today than in the seventies, and with the help of the Harry Potter Series and other movies, TV shows, and books the movements are much more mainstream. There are covens that approach the whole thing more as honoring the earth and then there are those who go all out with spells, books of shadows, and witchcraft.

Even witchcraft admits there is “good” and “evil”.

The funny thing is, while the whole witchcraft movement has grown, all religions, (not just Christian denominations), are being taught in the public school systems and modernism movements, as “mythology”. Just stories, myths. This watering down of all religion is fine with Satan and his forces. He loves it when so many people don’t believe he exists.

If God is just a myth, people lose their will to love or please God.

It makes it easier to justify “I’m basically a good person” so out the window goes any notion of needing a Savior. You no longer need forgiveness.

Believing evil doesn’t exist, makes it easier for people to deceive themselves. There is no longer any need to resist temptation. “Just do what you want as long as it doesn’t hurt others.”

Unfortunately, this kind of thinking devolves into “just do what you want, you deserve it”. Evil destroys. Any temptation (these are just examples as there are too many to list: pornography or gluttony) destroys those who indulge and creates victims. This is exactly where Satan wants you, destroying yourself, your relationships, and creating victims.

Satan is ecstatic that so many humans can no longer recognize evil or how it works. How can you resist what you deny exists?

He’s even happier when people experience evil desires and they realize they have no where to turn for help. You can’t rid yourself of demonic influences if you don’t believe they exist.

You may not believe in Satan, but rest assured, he’s still alive and he believes in you.

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