Monday, November 17, 2014

The Breaking of the Human Will -- Permission from God, Part 1

In this two part series we will uncover the key aspect of Demonic activity as we engage one of the most popular questions that gets asked to the Exorcism Ministry quite frequently is “Why does GOD allow evil to reside in or upon his children?”  During this blog series we hope to help you discover the “Biblical Truth” of what the Holy Bible states regarding what we refer to as the permission of GOD when it comes to the Demonic forces upon a person.

To fully understand this aspect as to why some people have demonic activity while others have virtually nothing has to do with GOD’s permission upon his children as well as people engaging in acts that GOD is displeased with.  Let me explain this in a very simplistic form.

At the time of writing this blog I am engaging with a new case.  While on the phone with a paranormal investigator who is now having serious issues as a result of his own direct actions of searching for answers with what is in the spirit realm.  While searching for these answers of the afterlife, this person crossed many lines that GOD instructed us to not do.

The conversation between this afflicted person and I went something like this.  The man has children and I asked him the following two part question: (a) “Do you let your children do what they desire to do?”  The man answered with authority “of course not that would be foolish”.  I followed up with the words stated “because as the adult you know better.”  The man responded “I certainly know more than they do so that would be a yes.”

Then I asked the next question: (b) Do you let your children learn painful lessons for disobeying your instructions even though it hurts you to see this occur?”  The man took a period of time to respond but said “Yes, I let them learn some lessons which I told them and I know better that they should not have done and told them so.”  I simply answered him saying one word “interesting”.  The man responded why is at interesting to you?

My approach to this man being afflicted by the Demonic was to show him the correlation to GOD loving his children, just as he (a parent) loves his children.  I stated to the man, “Don’t you think that is how our heavenly Father GOD works with us?”  Since we are his children I said “Do you not think for one minute he gave us the instructions upon how we are to operate in this life?”  The man answered me with a very sullen and soft voice saying “I get what you’re saying, it doesn’t make my situation better, but I do understand how this is relating to me and what I have done.”

Folks here is the plain and simple answer for it is two parts as to why the Demonic attack us human beings (1) A direct hand in not listening to GOD and (2) Our own free will to do what we choose to do.

Just as parents provide life instructions to their own flesh and blood (i.e. children), GOD provided the instructions to walk in this world which are found in the Holy Bible.  I simply call the Holy Bible – the owner’s manual for life as this has been provided for all to read and learn the righteous ways of the Lord.  However, as humans we have the free will to read and enact the ways GOD wants us to operate or not read and enact our own ways based on our own worldly experiences.

The change in the man with me on the phone started to make sense to him and he responded to me in not so many words “So these actions I am experiencing now are the results of my own actions?”  What more was I to respond.  The man was guilty of doing many things in paranormal world that he admittedly told me he should have not done and then said he didn’t know then what he now knows.  At this point in time the man started to have reactions of the stomach being squeezed extremely hard as to vomit as well as the feeling of something holding onto the right side of his arm.

The entire aspect of why these forces are upon him is a result of his own actions and secondly because GOD has allowed this to occur.  You mean to tell me the reader that GOD allows the Demons to attack us?  Unfortunately the answer is YES!  However, the key being that they must seek permission from GOD to do this upon the person.  We hinted at this back in our blog Demons Not Ghost’s, that we were going to cover this aspect for all to understand.

Permission from GOD is how these entities work.  Yes, many scriptures in the Bible discuss that permission is what is required and when the permission is removed the forces have to leave because GOD is the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end.  They have to obey period.  The Demonic will fight to hold onto those they are upon as this is the battle.  However once the Lord Jesus Christ has said no more it is over.

A prime example of final authority is found in the book of Mark, Chapter 5 when the Lord Jesus encountered the man from the tombs.  Lord Jesus simply stated “Come out of the man”, thus meaning I have removed my permission from your realm to reside within this man.

So to reverse engineer these words Jesus Christ commanded them out, however, the true key to this story is the man ran, fell to his knees in front of Jesus (as an act of humility) for the Lord loves a humble heart.

Thus the legal permission was removed as a result of the humbling by the man in front of the true King of the world.  Then the Demonic were forced to deal with the fact that permission has been revoked to reside within this man.

This was to be the testimony of removing permission or legal rights the Demonic were claiming on the man.  Permission had to be given for them to enter and thus permission was removed upon the dismissal of the entities within.

Satan does not need permission to do evil, for he is known as the prince of this world, but must have the permission to enact upon the children of GOD for he is the accuser of men.  During the second series of this blog we will uncover how permission is granted in the first place.

Realize that Satan has a bestowed relevance in keeping all of us as ignorant about his plan as he possibly can. One way that Satan does this is by afflicting both good people and bad people.  Satan does this in such a manner that it is impossible to determine whether a person is good or evil simply by what is happening in their life.  We will conclude permission from GOD in the next blog.

Rev. Bradley Luoma, Exorcist Minister


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