Friday, November 23, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving and Some Thoughts on the Supernatural

Both Kirby Robinson and Lisa Maliga were away from the Eye on the Paranormal on Thursday. We missed this wonderful post from Lisa Grace and we felt a need to share it with our readers. It's never too late as every day should be Thanksgiving.

By Lisa Grace

I’m thankful for my Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ, King of the Universe. I pray he brings peace to Israel. I’m also thankful for the glimpses He gives of us of the supernatural through the beings He threw out of Heaven and condemned to roam the Earth until His return.

Even though there is misinformation regarding exactly what we are experiencing, we have an opportunity to explain.

There are three major groups: Angels, demons, and what some call “ghosts”, which if you think of them more as an “energy” photograph or video (not the actual person anymore than a video is an actual person) you’re on the correct interpretation according to the Holy Scriptures.

Evil angels, demons (disembodied type of evil angels, there are several types of angels) and the “ghost energies,” all attract more. Since the evil angels are condemned to roam the Earth, they do. They group together in places they are called, welcomed, or have weak humans that won’t or do not know how to kick them out.

Public places that depend on “ghost tourism” have no desire to rid themselves of the energies, or demons.

Objects, people, and places can all have these entities and energies attach to them.

We can’t destroy the demons and/or evil angels permanently, but they can be bound or driven away. However this can only be done by believers, the affected must be a believer in Jesus as Savior or the entity can eventually return with even more to fight back.

Stirring up these entities appears to make them stronger. They seem to be able to feed on our energy or emotions.

Unfortunately, I could write a full report on each of these paragraphs giving Scriptural and real life proofs, but I don’t have the time today.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving and thanks for reading.

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