Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Bible as a Reliable Source for the Workings of the Supernatural - Part 1

By Lisa Grace

Before there was the written word on papyrus, the scriptures were handed down by oral tradition. No other document has as many pieces surviving to back up the authenticity of the documents that comprise the early books of the modern Bible. Literally thousands. Homer’s Iliad in contrast, has only five surviving copies, yet no one doubts its origins or validity. But we have thousands of an earlier document, yet many try to cast doubt on its veracity. Why is that?

Because if it’s true, the implications of there being a supernatural world of which the earth is but a shadow, and that there is indeed a ruler of that universe, has implications of how we should live in this one.

No other source has had all of its prophecies come true, only the Bible.

Even non-believers in the Bible as the inspired word of God, turn to it for use in dealing with the supernatural. The creatures of the invisible world are mentioned over four hundred times, along with numerous examples of how Jesus dealt with that realm.

The Bible talks about how God exists outside of time, time was created by God, and that the Bible explores numerous other philosophical/scientific theories, which have been proven true by the scientific community. This is scary stuff to people who don’t want to acknowledge there is a God or an unseen universe outside the one we know.

When you meet someone who is truly evil, there is no doubt that forces beyond what we can see, exist. (Like electricity or time.)

There is no other book that explains the known with such accuracy. This is why believers and non-believers turn to the Bible when dealing with supernatural, and why you should too.

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Aanica said...

love it, thanks so much!

Lisa Grace said...

Thank you Aanica. I think our approach to working with the supernatural world should come from the guidlines and clues presented in the Holy Scriptures.

Aanica said...

I hope an pray you're right Lisa.

I do believe there are a few of us holding on and learning, even small numbers are no challenge for our Lord and with him all things are possible.

Lisa You are a welcomed blessing to help others understand, keep doing what you do. I enjoy your writings immensely...

Unknown said...

Excellent Lisa, short and concise.

How anyone thinks they can deal with things of the supernatural without the guidance of the Bible simply is amazing to me.

Rev Mark Hunnemann said...

This is an excellent article, Lisa...thank you! This succinct blog shows why there are good reasons to embrace the bible as true to the original. The bible we have today is virtually identical to the autographa

Anonymous said...

While the scriptures existed before....The Romans created the bible under Emperor Constantine. He and the council of Nicea (315-325 AD) decided what would and would not go in the "1st" bible. The same country that killed and persecuted christians, had now become the editor and decider of what people can or shouldn't read. What does that tell you? Many scriptures were written by women but burned, supposedly there were other books of Moses as well.

Read some books by Glenn Kimball that researched this. Any thoughts?

Paul said...

My understanding of the supernatural and paranormal realm actually brought me closer the Lord Jesus and understand what He did for us on the cross and that He is saving us from the Certainty of What is COMING. I see signs every where.

You might be interested in what I have written at

My book is based on a true story of the supernatural and the paranormal. Is Your Choice Your Destiny.


Aanica said...

@ Paul, very nice site thanks for the link

Unknown said...

I did a Google on this Glenn Kimball. I think you may need to consider a more "reliable" source.