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Sleep Paralysis Or Visitors?

I've been receiving a good amount of emails and questions as well on this. I just haven't had time to really delve into it. It's nothing new, most have at least heard of it. Now I've written on this topic before so I guess you could consider this just more information, new information/cases and reports and honestly just more updates to keep this subject going. Too many people suffer in silence out of fear. Now I do believe there is a sleep disorder called Sleep Paralysis however, I do feel a good amount of these claims is demonic visitation possibly. This is just my humble opinion. This phenomena continues to keep rising and more and more people are coming forward. It's certainly not slowing down that's for sure. And demons love the dark like when I say they "hug the shadows" that's where they are in the darkest of places. That's one thing I kind of just wanted to throw out there that has been a pattern over the last two decades. A lot of people see shadow people during paralysis too. They almost go hand in hand. I truly feel they are demons because of the horrifying feeling that they omit. Not to mention the danger of reports I'm seeing that they have/are causing physical harm.

Other countries have similar folklore about sleep paralysis. In Swedish folklore, it is said that it's caused by a supernatural creature similar to a werewolf, called a Mare.  In Turkey, they believe the classic story of a demon visiting during sleep.  A demon, most commonly known as Djinn, holds you down and will begin to strangle you.  Some also say they hear the voice of Djinn.  In Chinese culture, sleep paralysis is known as pinyin, which literally translates to "ghost pressing on body".  "The Old Hag", is a British and North American lore.  She sits on her victim's chest at night making breathing difficult.  Plus the Incubus and Succubus theory. The stories are very similar, all pointing to something paranormal.  There really aren't any reasonable or scientific explanations for sleep paralysis at this time.  Sleep paralysis is still being researched.

Sleep Paralysis Causes

Just why or how it happens isn't clear. Researchers believe sleep paralysis is caused by a disturbed rapid eye movement because it mostly happens as people are falling into or coming out of REM sleep. During that stage, their brains normally paralyze their muscles anyway so they don't act out their dreams. But during sleep paralysis, the sleeper is awake, or half awake, and is very much aware she cannot move. You can see things around you but your paralyzed . 2 minutes can feel like 2 hours in paralysis. I went thru this myself for almost 4 years. So I understand what people say when they are so upset because it was so real and seeing these creatures running around things getting in your face and your terrified! But you can't do anything but pray. Even if you can't say it out loud say it over and over in your mind that "in the name of Jesus you must depart". From what I've researched it works if your faith is there. It seems to fear anything Holy in the cases I did and/or reviewed or maybe counseled on. It's not easy to find many people to talk shop about this because they most likely think I'm crazy but I do have a few people that will come to me and I will go to them as they have the same calling is I do and all the old people could possibly understand

Studies show that between 25% and 50% of Americans have had sleep paralysis at least once. Many people who have it also have narcolepsy, in which they fall asleep uncontrollably. Sleep experts believe sleep paralysis might be partly genetic which makes sense too.

Satan is the master of the mind and that's the first thing he and his demons attack, you're mind. They can manipulate thinking patterns by taking something minor put it in your head creating a Sandcastle out of a piece of sand. Fear is not of God. Many people who have an unhealthy fears need to know this. Don't let the enemy rob you of happiness and peace. No one has to be perfect and without sin in order to love Jesus Christ and follow his teachings. I'd be a liar if I even began to say I sin very little or I'm sin free. There's nothing in the bible that stipulates a sinner can't love and choose to worship God and move past mistakes and repent. I wasn't asleep when it happened..The following are testimonies I found at

 "I was totally conscious and weird thing about it is i was on the 10 floor and i saw lights passing by as if it was a car, but i was too high up for car lights, on top of it, there was no parking lot or road at my window. So i go back to my bed to lie down and fall asleep but i felt like something was there so i couldnt really sleep. next thing you know not even 1 minute after i lied down something paralyzed me, i couldnt move, scream, nothing, the only thing i could do was move my eyes.. i looked at the wall in front of me, and the middle of the wall started looking like (when someone takes a picture and you see those purple blue spots) flashes, then it started filling up the whole wall and as soon as it filled up the wall, i saw this huge hooded figure in the middle of the wall taking up the wall top to bottom. i couldnt see anything in the hood just a black bottomless pit like face. at this time i was praying to god or to whoever is up there because this wasnt the first time IT helped me.. whoever it is. i prayed and prayed until the demon le go and i broke free of the paralyzing. i ran out of the room, but as i ran out of the room, the door felt like there was a sheet of ice on it when i walked through it. chills ran up my WHOLE BODY. i ran out the apartment looked back once to see if it was still following me luckily i didnt see anything because if i saw something that day chasing me after that incident i wouldn't be normal today. thank god for blessing me and giving me the strength to ward off the evils that may."

"i also go through the same encounter and also my work col-liq Richard, normally i can sense when it going to happen, i get into this deep sleep and gets me tired and exhausted after a few minutes i just dose off then suddenly some presses me, cant move or even scream but in my mind i am screaming and moving, i scream the name of Jesus inwardly 3 times ,the 1st time i scream Jesus it presses more then the 3rd time it leaves

i believe in the name and it helps me bigtime"

"I have had this same feeling since the age of eleven. It has happened to me over and over again, sometimes all night long. The number of times must be in the thousands by now. The only difference is I have is that mine is very violent, it feels like they are choking me or trying to rip off my head. and it doesn’t happen when I’m sleeping. It happens right before I fall asleep. It feels like my eyes are being forced shut and once they are the torture begins. I have went through a couple sleep studies and they found nothing. I have seen faces, heard voices, seen lights, And when I try to pray sometimes it wont let me remember the words. I feel crazy. I try not to tell people but when I wake up screaming or jumping out of bed, its kinda hard to hide. I have always felt like it was demons. No matter where I move it follows me. Please if you know how I can get rid of this HELP ME."

If you research this on the Internet you will find hundreds if not thousands of testimonials similar to these if not much worse. And of course everybody has different opinions and they should be respected. But we should never mock somebody in fear of something even if you don't believe in it. It can really be very damaging because they will always fear to ever try to seek any kind of help. I've heard horror stories how people have been treated.

I hope I've been able to shed some more light on this subject and I'll be posting about it more. Just remember the darkness fears the light of God.  These entities cannot stand Jesus Christ and obviously there must be a reason for it.

Written By Jennifer L Auld

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