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Symptoms of Spiritual Pollution, Part 3

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Symptoms of Spiritual Pollution, Part 1
Symptoms of Spiritual Pollution, Part 2

In our continuation on the blog series Spiritual Warfare from the last time I discussed the critical aspect of Submission.  I first started off the blog series with Reverence for the Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End, which I laid this out so that you will understand and learn that one must fear God.  The second part was that to truly understand God you need to submit to his ways and thus not your or other human’s ways.

God is a loving God, yes but God is also a God of wrath!  Time and time again the Holy Bible discusses the wrath and penalties from God.  Just because you know and have accepted Jesus Christ as your savior does not mean you comply with the Kingdom plan.

To truly comply as a person you must submit to Jesus Christ and make him the Lord of your life. This is why the battle of Spiritual Warfare takes place.  This is a pure test to see if the person will truly follow and serve the Kingdom of God as they are called to do, or are they just wanting to “go with the flow” and the “ways of the world”.

Today I will discuss the third aspect which is Dependency.  Webster's online describes DEPENDENCY as follows:

1.  Dependence
2.  Something that is dependent on something else; especially: a territorial unit under the jurisdiction of a nation but not formally annexed by it
3.  A building (as a stable) that is an adjunct to a main dwelling

When it comes to dependency as relating to God we need to focus on point two (2) from above, something that is dependent on something else.  As humans we are to be dependent upon God for all our needs.  Sadly, our ancestors Adam and Eve chose to cast this dependency aside when both were tricked to eat the "forbidden fruit".

As a result of our ancestors actions many people, as well as fellow Christians feel they do not need to be dependent upon God, because it is God who created them with an innate desire to be creatures who can do all as long as they give God some sort of credit.

Sadly, this is where we get in trouble and thus the Demons know this about us. As humans we desire to control and thus we have been given an illusion so to speak.  Wikipedia describes human’s innate drive to not be controlled as follows: "The illusion of control is the tendency for people to overestimate their ability to control events; for example, it occurs when someone feels a sense of control over outcomes that they demonstrably do not influence.”

The effect was named by psychologist Ellen Langer and has been replicated in many different contexts.  It is thought to influence gambling behavior and belief in the paranormal.  Along with illusory superiority and optimism bias, the illusion of control is one of the positive illusions.

This is where we as humans get into trouble because we will not give the control to the Lord Jesus Christ who is truly in control, yet we profess him as Lord but we do NOT make him the Lord fully over our lives.

Our God is awesome God and our God is huge as well.  It is this very God who is the one who holds every molecule in this universe together.  God is the one making your lungs work, and your heart beat.  Thus you can’t lift your arm without His empowerment.  Everything you have is a gift from God.

But while God is a generous provider, none of God's gifts become or are your property.  God's gifts are all loans to the person which God could suddenly take back at any time.  Your intelligence, your health, your joy, your strength—they are all loans from God.  Given this knowledge, what can you truly do apart from God?  Absolutely nothing.  Which means you are dependent on God for all things, but many refuse to submit to God and become dependent in this manner and that is why they face issues from the Demonic forces.

In the Church, a person is taught to think this is some kind of amazing aspect or gift if you can detect the presence of demons.  This person is spoken to that they have “the gift of discernment”, if you can sense some evil aura around you or around others. However, discernment is about wisdom.  How much wisdom do you truly have if you won’t or refuse to grasp the super obvious truth that you are dependent on God for all things?

How misguided are you to think it is you who can do anything apart from God?  How dense are you to miss how awesome God is and that it is you who will never be anything more than a powerless molecule who was created to love and to serve the One who made you?  Sadly in the Church, it is stupidity which is exalted as wisdom, while true wisdom is adamantly rejected.  In the Church, a person is taught to memorize a whole list of the glorious powers and attributes we must obtain through the Lord Jesus Christ.

As parishioners we are taught to think that we are incredible creatures who God depends upon to make Him feel complete.  We are taught that our happiness is God’s top priority (prosperity gospel and feel good gospels) and that God lives and exists to only bless us.  This is all just lies—a smelly pile of manure, which we use to fertilize our growing egos that God exists to please us humans.  Therefore those people are already receiving the doctrine of Demons - which we have been warned of.

God does not need us, we need God. Read in the bible in which God stated his great displeasure with us humans, Genesis 6:7 states, “I will blot out man whom I have created from the face of the land, man and animals and creeping things and birds of the heavens, for I am sorry that I have made them.”  Right there this is a stern warning from God that we are to be in reverence, submission and dependency upon him but our egos get in the way.

Understanding that our absolute dependency on God is what slams us out of our Narcissistic Personna and drives us back down onto our faces in front of Him saying, “Apart from you God I can do nothing, and I am nothing.  All that matters is you God being pleased with me and that I glorify you in my life.  It is your approval as the only reward that I seek.”

So is this the attitude that is being cultivated in you when you sit around contemplating your wonderful life?  You best prepare for a massive spiritual onslaught from demonic forces then as one would deserve this because of not wanting to be dependent upon God at all.

I will continue with the next aspect of TRUST in a blog next time.

Rev. Bradley Luoma, Exorcist

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