Saturday, September 7, 2013

There Is No Safe Way To Use Ouija Boards

Hello my beauties! I trust you had a great weekend and I hope you enjoy my humble blogs regarding my opinion on the Supernatural from a Christian point of view even though I hate calling myself a Christian due to how many of them exhibit a poor example. Remember we will answer for turning people off from getting to know The Lord.

Halloween is approaching and I am trying to address topics from your many thought provoking questions emails. I do my best to return all emails just keep in mind with a day job and cases I am limited on time for that unfortunately.

Ouija Boards- I have witnessed awful consequences people have to bare from playing around with these. In my humble opinion they are nothing more than portals to the demonic. Christ warns us about this.."Beware Of The Familiar Spirit." Our friends and loved ones are mimicked by demonic entities in a effort to trick us into offering help or becoming highly involved in keeping the communication going. This eventually allows them legal ground into our life. Now you have big problems. These things hate humans and anyone who loves Christ. They will torment you and your loved ones into thinking you are crazy. Things will escalate and get worse over time. This situation will not go away on it's own. You can't ignore it and it eventually go away. You will be tormented beyond belief. I am very strong about this due to what I've witnessed and do not want anyone to even entertain the thought. No matter how curious you are, is it worth it? Is it really worth it?

Ouija Boards. A tool of the devil? Ouija is a combination of the French and German words, oui and ja , which mean yes, yes.

These boards have letters of the alphabet, the numbers 0-9, the words ‘yes’ ‘no’ and ‘goodbye’, and other symbols and words are sometimes also added to help personalize the board. The Ouija board is used to communicate with spirits of the dead. Although nobody knows where the idea for such a device came from, there are records of Ouija-like instruments being used in ancient China, Greece, Rome and many other countries.

"Use of a Ouija has even led to violence and even to murder..." Dr. Marta Prohazka of Fairfax, Virginia, is also convinced that spirits can play terrifying destructive games with human behavior. During her practice as psychotherapist and psychoanalyst, she realized that many patients she had considered "hallucinating paranoid schizophrenics" might instead merely be in touch with something invisible to her but visible to them."I came to understand that another plane, or dimension or existence interrelated with our plane or visible manifestation," she said. "By training and expanding consciousness, some individuals gain entrance into that invisible dimension. It seems to some like a window into heaven.

I have to ask, is it worth it? Is curiosity really worth testing this common belief? This isn't just my opinion but the opinion of many who are not even very religious.

Written by Jennifer Auld


KM said...

Oh, that is scary. I remember how, as a small child, I got hold of my sisters' ouija board and played with it when they were out. Yes, it opened up a world of paranormal trouble for me. Great article Jen :-) You are very down-to-earth and honest. You have a wonderful writing style!

Jennifer Auld said...

Gosh thank you so much. I appreciate the kind words. Very nice of you to say.(;

Anonymous said...

im no religious but I never had any problems using these but allot of my friends have. interesting..

Ouija Boards said...

Of course there is a safe way to use them! They are just a tool.

Unknown said...

Great timing on this subject. there is a specific demon associated with the use of Ouija boards. Several cases i have worked it always seems to come up. They are stubborn to cast out but once Legal Rights are broken by the individual it is smooth sailing in the name of Jesus Christ Our Lord and Savior †