Thursday, February 28, 2013

Part 4 Conclusions Dark Matter, Dark Energy, Plasma, Other Dimensions and how they May Prove The Supernatural

By Lisa Grace

Continued from Part 3

What do flame, lightning, the sun, and space all have in common? They are all made of the most abundant state of matter in this universe, plasma. If certain creations (creatures) are made of light, could it be they are made of plasma?

Could supernatural beings (angels, demons, principalities, dominions) be made of dark energy, dark matter, plasma, or live in a different dimension? They all are possible, and none contradict what the Holy Scriptures say. There is proof for any or all of these suppositions to be correct. Since we are dealing with more than one type of creature, each could exist in a different state and/or dimension.

Ÿ  We know God and his supernatural creations exist outside of time. (Genesis, Hebrews)
Ÿ  We know his supernatural creatures were created first (according to the Bible they were present at the creation of the universe) (Genesis)
Ÿ  We know they exist outside our universe (since they were in existence before it was created.)
Ÿ  We know this means they have other natural rules they follow that supersede our natural known laws that "trap" us within our universe.
Ÿ  Trying to measure supernatural creatures by our laws of physics and nature will only lead to an incomplete view of them, since we are clearly told in the Holy Scripture they are not of this realm, and neither are believers. (We will be freed, when we are resurrected or caught up.) (Job 19:26, 2Cr 12:2, 2Cr 12;4,1TH 4:17, Rev 12:5)

Our God is an awesome God who has made this universe for us to explore and understand, yet everything points perfectly back to our Creator.


Anonymous said...

How do you come up with your brilliant ideas! I lov ur wrk

blessed be )O(

Lisa Grace said...

Anonymous - Thank you. I do pray for discernment. Plus I do believe a 110% that science is proving the awe-someness of God, and that here on Earth, we tend to try and fit Him into our little universe sized box, when He is actually more than we can ever imagine.
He should inspire true "awe" in us.

Anonymous said...

I'm Wicca-agnostic but I will respect your belief if you respect mine. I am interested in your ideas and I actually think they have some merit if nothing else than for entrainment value. I dont attribute your theory to God but to science.


Lisa Grace said...


While I may not agree with your views, It's not my job to "convert" you, I leave that up to the Holy Spirit. :)
I simply show the truth as I know it. I'm glad you find the articles entertaining.

Anonymous said...

Well I appreciate that Lisa, we dont have to agree. I think everyone can be "saved" in their own way and besides what from I've seen of Christians, I dont want any part of that.


Fred Brimstone said...

@ "Wicca-agnostic"

So the behavior of certain "Christians" has made Wiccan agnosticism the path of choice?

Tell me, WITHOUT MENTIONING CHRISTIANITY what is it about the Wiccan faith and religion (founded in the mid 50's) that is so attractive to you?

Anonymous said...

"Fred brimstone?" (lol, funny name) why Wicca-agnosicism? because its accepts all and loves all but we dont really embrace modern day Wicca it would probably be closer to paganism in all actuality.

Lisa Grace said...

Jesus, Yeshua, loves all. For God so loved the world, He gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believes in Him, will not perish, but have everlasting life." John 3:16

In the book of Romans it also tells us that He has imprinted on every human heart that you know there is a God, and when we don't admit that, we are lying to ourselves.

All world religions take that nugget that God is love, and twist it.

The Holy Scriptures clearly reveal who our Creator is. If more people read them, and others like "fred" showed the love of Christ, the world would be a better place.

Fred Brimstone said...

Really Ms. Grace?

So by this one must assume that I have, at some point stated my religious beliefs thus enabling you to draw such an astute conclusion?

So all (monotheistic) world religions twist the "God is love" nugget?

Please clarify; which faith is not "twisted"?

Fred Brimstone said...

@ Agnostic Wiccan

I see.
But what is it about the Pagan or Traditional Witchcraft practice (for lack of a better designation)that "resonates" with you most?

Agnostic-Wiccan with a touch of Paganism said...

I dont practice witchcraft, I enjoy knowing there are many higher beings that I can commune with in nature and the spirit world. I have many spirits that stay around me at all times can I tell which are what you would call god? NO but I can tell there are more than one and they all have different things they like. Some like when you enjoy flowers, some food and others different kinds of happiness that we expieriance. They can make things seem more delightful. That is what I "resonate" with Fred :)

Fred Brimstone said...


Thanks for the explanation.

I'm curious as to how Ms. Grace interprets the "many spirits that stay around you at all times"?

Agnostic-Wiccan with a touch of Paganism said...

I can interpret that for you, its the truth and haven't you heard of a muse? this is very similar in fact it maybe several muses that influence what you or I do, just open your self and invite them in and be kind to them, the kinder you are the more that will come, thanks for the questions Fred


Fred Brimstone said...

Ah it's so clear.

I patiently await Ms Grace's opinion regarding this voluntary submission of the psyche/soul to the spirit realm as a "muse". After all, I'm just here to learn and spread the love. :)

Lisa Grace said...

Fred and Wiccan-

Playing, communicating, with "spirits" is dangerous. Only evil angels, demons and the like have an interest in hanging around humans. The Scriptures make it clear we are to ask them to leave by the authority of Jesus' name.

They ultimately are only interested in leading you astray or keeping you from the truth.

Allowing anything to influence you other than what is in God's word, is dangerous. He makes it clear. We are sinners. There is a penalty for sin, salvation is offered as a gift. We have the freewill or acknowledge we need a Savior from our sin, one whose sacrifice paid the penalty for us.

When you "open yourself up and invite them in" you are asking to be possessed. Why would you do that? Once they know you are willing and eager, they invite more in, and eventually you will be destroyed.

If you have invited Jesus into your heart, the light can not abide the darkness and you would feel sick at the thought of inviting these evil creatures in.

I would not be surprised if you become ill, have depression, or an unhealthy reliance on food or drugs. These creatures will use your body and defile it however they can.
Please stop inviting them in.

Fred Brimstone said...

Quote Lisa Grace:
"The Holy Scriptures clearly reveal who our Creator is. If more people read them, and others like "fred" showed the love of Christ, the world would be a better place."

Quote Lisa Grace:
"I would not be surprised if you become ill, have depression, or an unhealthy reliance on food or drugs"

Way to show that "love of Christ" there Lisa.

Bobnoxious said...

"Evil Angels"?

Sounds like a hockey team.

Agnostic-Wiccan with a touch of Paganism said...

Hi Lisa thanks for taking the time to write but as I said we are polar opposites and I am not christian but of Wicca/Agnostic belief and your demons are not my demons, in fact we dont have such and since we dont have the same rules I dont see what is so wrong with just getting along with everything in nature and spiritually.

I am going to say what Fred pointed out does seem a bit paranoid and on the side of sounding vengeful with this sentence;

-->"I would not be surprised if you become ill, have depression, or an unhealthy reliance on food or drugs. "<--

I only use holistic medications if i need them, am a vegan and have been for over 7 years.

I have never smoked a cigarette or any other substance in my life and I dont like alcohol. Keeping my body in line with "do no harm" has served me well, so I seriously doubt any of what you said and cannot imagine why you would tell me such a thing.

Cheri Schedlbauer said...

Truth, I used to invite all this in while in the New Age. Total possession. They can be devious especially when you renounce them and cast them out. So grateful to Jesus for his saving grace and pulling me out of that. It's night and day not having all those energy spirits around. Praise Our Father.