Thursday, January 3, 2013

Ghost Hunting as a Hobby

By Lisa Grace

All the TV shows focusing on the paranormal are a mixed blessing. In one way they confirm to those having supernatural experiences that they are not crazy. On the other hand, it makes getting “help” that much harder as most who want to investigate are doing nothing more than playing with fire, and not interested in curing the problem at all.

Most demons and evil angels are bound to earth and condemned to wandering it. That means when you do drive them out, they go somewhere else. You can have little or no control where they can go.

Demons cannot be driven out by just anyone. Demons can and do possess people which is why “ghost hunting” is dangerous. They can and do attach to those who are curious. Curiosity interacting with them, shows you are “open”, which is basically giving them an invitation to attach for further and future interaction.

Many “pretend” to have been human. It makes them appear less threatening.

Once you know there is a demon present, what should be done?

Go to your local Holy Scripture believing church, and have them direct you to a professional non-publicity seeking pastor who can help rid you of these creatures. There is usually more than one.

If you are not a true believer in Jesus Christ, there is a possibility they will return and bring stronger ones back with them. Even the scriptures say, “The demons believe and tremble.”

Unless you have accepted Him as your personal Savior, you are not safe; and even if you have, you can still be attacked.

The paranormal should be recognized, but it is not something to play with. As the saying goes, “Those that play with fire tend to get burned.”


Aanica said...

The best written advice comes from this blog. This article is no different. It's too bad the paranormal community is not as accepting of the dangers as they are the thrills.

btw.. The 15th Star is a wonderful book. I am half way through and am enjoying it immensely (on my new Kindle Fire HD) thank you for that.

Marisol said...

Lisa Grace, please clarify something for me. You state "If you are not a true believer in Jesus Christ, there is a possibility they will return and bring stronger ones back with them" and "Unless you have accepted Him as your personal Savior, you are not safe."

What about Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, etc.? All other non-Christians? In your opinion, must they convert to Christianity in order to receive salvation from a demonic attack?

Ted said...

I just love when people "who think" they know what ghosts are, try to preach about them.

Lisa stick to writing books and stay out of the paranormal, you know nothing about ghosts which are people.

Get the demons out of your head.

eyeontheparanormal said...

TED can you show me any facts that show Ghosts are people

let me help you there is none

there are no ghosts only angels/demon

Aanica said...

Amen Kirby!

Lisa Grace said...

Aanica- Thank you for reading The 15th Star. :)
I'm glad you are enjoying it. :) I have a plain old Kindle, but I've heard great things about the Fire.

Marisol- One reason "ghosts i.e. demons (there are more than one type) hang around those of other faiths, is because they have no effective way of driving them out permanently. All those cultures and religions believe in demons and are afraid of them.

The Jewish people believe in the same God as Christians do (Jesus was a 100% Hebrew) some just do not recognize Him (Jesus) as the Messiah (yet, they will) of their religion.

Ted - I'm sorry, but ghosts are not people. Demons use human form. Demons possess people to destroy them. You are under a powerful delusion. Either you recognize the Holy Scripture as the ultimate authority on the supernatural, or you don't. It's easy to be deceived, which is why it's imperative you trust God's word on these matters before you trust your eyes.

Ted said...

Kirby you are black and white.

That is why the scriptures say that Jesus will come back to raise the living and the dead. The dead are the human souls trapped here.

Yes there are demons as well, but plenty of human souls that have never crossed over.

It has been proven for many years ghosts exist and people are the ghosts.

Get off your religious high horse and step down to reality.


Lisa Grace said...

Ted - When a person dies, they are dead. In the Holy Scriptures it says several times that God is not the God of the dead. (Matt22:32; Mar12:27) Why? Because when you're dead, you are as good as dust.

Once you are dead, your "soul" can not magically raise itself. You are giving a dead body God-like powers, which is ludicrous.

When Jesus died on the cross, He was dead and placed in the tomb for three days. No ghost, not present with God the Father, but dead, dead, dead, as punishment for our sin.
The disciples were shocked.
When he was raised from the dead, it wasn't as a ghost, but as a superior flesh, a real body. This is why He told Mary, "Don't touch me." He was real, solid. (He hadn't presented himself on the Mercy seat of God in Heaven yet, as the perfect Holy sacrifice.)
Even Jesus died, no ghost.

When Jesus confronted possessed people he spoke to the demons. Ghosts were a Roman/Greek mythology and are not scriptural. Demons present themselves as ghosts to seem harmless. But on TV shows, you hear how they tried to enter humans—big clue—it's a demon posing as a ghost, no such thing as a ghost.

When 1/3rd of the angels (all different types) were thrown out of heaven, they were the ones sentenced to roam this earth until the judgment. (Rev 12:7 - 12:9)

Rev mark hunnemann said...

Excellent article Lisa!