Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Be Independent from Chip Coffey & His Spiteful Posse

By Kirby Robinson

On this day of solemn remembrance of America's independence from fear and tyranny, keep in mind there are many within the paranormal field that want you to walk blindly behind them, buying whatever dribble comes from their mouths. Don't be afraid, as that posse is riding in smaller numbers and their bite is starting to be less painful.

Today we share the blog that started its decline.

But we already know what his response will be so we decided to share it with our readers first:

Special Report in defense of Belinda Morgan Qaysi
When Belinda Morgan Qaysi's day began on May 5, 2012, she had no idea that by nightfall she'd be considered a lawbreaker. She didn't break the law with a felony or even a misdemeanor. No police or federal agents surrounded her home. She didn't violate any local, state or federal laws. Far worse, she broke the law of disagreeing with Chip Coffey. Worse still, Belinda wouldn't back down.
I've made every effort not to blog about the man. His story is old and tiresome. His book was a lousy read [I think if they required prisoners to read it they could get the government on cruel and unusual punishment], but you know what, I don't care. Let him do his thing. If you buy it, it's your loss, not mine. There are much bigger issues within the paranormal field. Those that have eyes see, and ears hear. If you still buy into Chip's story, please email me privately and I'll say some prayers for you.
Before sharing this sad tale, here is a memorable quote from psychic-medium, Chip Coffey:
"Of course. No one wants to be ridiculed or tormented for 'being different.' Those who torment and ridicule others are, in my opinion, despicable!"
Keep those words in mind as you read this. They'll come back and haunt Chip by the end of this news story.
Mrs. Qaysi logged onto Facebook just as millions of people do every day, and began surfing about. She came to Chip Coffey's page and saw he had posted a photo concerning the Mexican holiday Cinco de Mayo, which is one of the biggest national days of celebration for that nation. The photo showed a bottle of mayonnaise in the bottom of a kitchen sink with the caption "sink-o-de-mayo."
Happy In-Depends-Day
What if someone posted a photo of a person wearing Depends underwear with the caption "HAPPY IN-DEPENDS-DAY" on July 4th--would we find it funny? 
Some people found Chip's joke funny, but Mrs. Qaysi found it a bit offensive. As an American, she expressed her feelings. Mr. Coffey could've let it slide. Out of the 755 comments the post generated, one person saying it wasn't so funny couldn't be a crime, could it? Well in his book it was. From his page:
Someone commented that my "sink-o-de-mayo" post was ethnically offensive. REALLY?!? Some people need to take out a rent-to-own plan on a friggin' sense of humor! Just sayin'.....
Chip sends Belinda a private message, advising her to get a life and in the process to $*^% herself.
Here is a copy of the Facebook post that Mr. Coffey chose to remove [we wonder why?]
Belinda Morgan Qaysi claims she was "offended" by my "sink-o de mayo" photo and post. The same photo -- and other similar ones -- have been "making the rounds" all day on Facebook. Most people (almost 100% of the comments I have seen) find the photos humorous and non-offensive. Perhaps Ms. Qaysi is pissed because, after she posted a few negative comments, I blocked her from my Facebook fan page. To even imply that I posted the photo as an ethnic "slam" is ludicrous. May I heartily suggest that Ms. Qaysi lighten up and stop trying to create a "scandal" where there is none. -Chip Coffey
What does it say about a person? That he only sees one negative comment out of hundreds of positive comments? One would think he was looking for something to complain about, something that'd allow him to be the victim and Mrs. Qaysi the villain. His response to her generated 785 comments and planted a seed in his followers' minds that he was under siege. Mrs. Qaysi didn't buckle under pressure. Mr. Coffey had chosen the wrong person to tangle with. If you say or do things he doesn't like he gets very frustrated. Therefore, he blocked Mrs. Qaysi from his page.
Mrs. Qaysi felt strongly about this topic, and as we live in a celebrity-driven society many people depend on those labeled as celebrities to help form and establish how they think and feel. It's sometimes called the Oprah effect. She turns to the website to express her concern.
Chip uses GOOGLE ALERTS to keep informed on anything that's posted about him on the web. If the news doesn't meet his high standards of making him out to be the Bret Hart of psychics "THE BEST THAT EVER WAS, THE BEST THERE IS AND THE BEST THERE EVER WILL BE" he tries his best to see it removed. When he saw her post, he couldn’t ignore it. Chip even stirred up the troops, his insane clown posse that eagerly rides at his defense immediately.
Check out the page on TMZ about my sink-o de mayo post here on Facebook. The woman who was "offended" calls every one of the 5,000+ people who "liked" my post (that may include YOU) "bigots."
Mr. Coffey is good at what he does [not referring to being a so-called psychic medium], but in stirring the fires. Let's look at the key words of his post:
- "Offended" - He wants people to think she was mad. Was she? What words indicate she was mad? There aren't any. Mr. Coffey knows to use this "offended" because he imagines that he's threatened by Mrs. Qaysi and must be protected.
-"Bigots" - No one likes being called a bigot. Chip fans even more flames of anger towards Mrs. Qaysi by using such a word.
-"YOU"- Implies all of his 5000+ fans have been attacked.
Nevertheless, did she say any of these things in her post? You can read it right here and find out for yourself.
Chip Coffey's SInk o De Mayo joke while sporting NOH8 face paint
check out Chip Coffey's cinco de mayo joke, making fun of the the mexican holiday while posting a NO H8 profile pic on Facebook !
Did she say anything about "BIGOTS"? Were any of Chip's followers called BIGOTS? No. In Chip's mind, he sees a threat where there is none. He's lit the fuse and will sit back and let others fan the flames.
This has been his M.O. Ron Tebo, Beatrice Marot, and I have been victims of this tactic for years. At one point, he [and his manager Michelle Babs Griffin] even went public making fun of me due to my failing eyesight.
Mr. Coffey states that he has no control over his fans and what they say and do is up to them, not him. [This was similar to the Kelli Ryan case. She was the first Paranormal State client that came forward to raise issues about PRS/Paranormal State. Someone posted her home address and fans of Chip and Paranormal State showed up at her front door at all hours making threats. When Mrs. Ryan asked Chip to ask for some sanity from his followers, he claimed he couldn't do anything.]
Did his followers engage in a calm discussion--one in which manners and a civil code of conduct reigned? No, far from it. Mrs. Qaysi received such comments as:
- Die and the world would be a better place.
- Her last name sounds Arabic so she is a terrorist [she's married to a gentleman from Mexico].
- Stick a tampon somewhere and let it blow up.
Here is a very interesting post:
Kelli Dowdell 3 days ago @Belinda Morgan Qaysi - You need to go get your bottle of Prozac And have a HUGE glass of Shut the F' Up! Your mouth is writing checks your A$$ can't cash! If you knew a single thing about Chip you would of never opened your big ole' Pie hole to start with! and if you don't know what the hell a joke is Then you need to come out from under the rock in the mountains that you live under and get with the program! Your a sad sad sad excuse of a human! and YOU are the reason WOMEN SHOULD SWALLOW
This shows Mr. Coffey is really trying to lead an enlightened band of supporters, yes?
It gets even better:
This woman needs to get laid or something.. This is just ridiculous.. Some people have absolutely no sense of humor.. She is one of those people.. People are entitled to say what they what and do what they want in case you have forgotten.. This is America!! I use to have a drama obsessed friend like you and you people just can't get enough.. Chip, I am half hispanic and I can honestly say that nothing about your picture or "slogan" offended me.. It's funny to me that you talk about Cinco De Mayo being about pride in Mexico and yet people spend the whole day getting drunk.. You ma'am need a life and a lightening up wouldn't kill you either
Here is where we ask you to stop and print the above comment out. Now, make sure you get the second and third lines: "Say what they what [assuming she meant want?] do what they want"!
- Visit your local grocery store, load up your cart, and leave without paying.
- Walk up to a policeman/woman and punch them in the face.
- Go to a crowded movie theater and shout FIRE!
When you're arrested show them the above comment and say, this is America we can do and say what we want!
I could go on, but I think you get the point.
What Chip doesn't want you to know, is that the woman who is at the center of a very vicious attack by an angry para-celebrity, is a 52-year-old grandmother of 12 who is disabled. But Mrs. Qaysi loves kids so much that she's working a Ph.D. in psychology in order to help troubled children.
There are bullies out there online and offline. They're found on playgrounds or classrooms, and yes, even in the paranormal field. How can a person with a NOH8 photo take part in such behavior? How can a person who claims to be a light worker act in this manner? How can a person who works with young children and teenagers engage in such actions?
In closing, here are Mrs. Qaysi's words. Let them ring in the ears that will hear and let them bring tears to the eyes that can read and understand.
My mom used to say if wishes were horses then beggars would ride, so I thought if wishes were horses, abused children and children with anti social disorders and attachment disorders can learn to love,
do it for the kids, that is what matters
God Bless


Unknown said...

Happy Independence Day Kirby. Shameful situation all around, and there is evidence of Chip's mentality after a back and forth between him and I that I shared with you not long ago.

My only comment regarding your post is what you claimed regarding the Cinco de Mayo holiday and its celebration in Mexico.

To be honest, it is more celebrated here in the US than in Mexico. I do work for a travel services company that puts out a weekly condo specials email to some 20 million members of about 35 travel/vacation club members.

When Cinco de Mayo came up this year - I thought we would align the specials, spotlight property, and the Fun on the Run events to line up with this holiday and feature authentic Mexican events for the holiday.

I was greatly surprised to find there was no major events held in Mexico for Cinco de Mayo except in the actual town where events took place that the Cinco de Mayo celebration centers around.

It is not considered a major event, nor is it considered their main "Independence Day". I questioned my neighbors, legal immigrants here from Mexico, and they filled me in on that fact, which is why they were not celebrating it, and how they found it unusual that Americans celebrated it at all.

It's basically one of those American commercialized dates used to sell stuff, twisting the original intent and meaning of the day. It also is evidence that Americans will use any excuse to have a party.

Anonymous said...

Lets us not forget those like chip and his posse and full well what they are actually like, bunch of gang mentality imbeciles who follow blindly like lemmings right over the cliff their pied piper leader leads them to, what a nasty man chip is, here is proof

X said...

damn- that old fart (Chip) needs to dry up and blow (haha) away

Enough Coffey said...

Kirby, isn't it about time for you to get over your obvious obsession with Chip Coffey? How many blogs have you written about him? It's starting to look pretty weird.

eyeontheparanormal said...

Well it would if I had one but being that I do not you wasted your time and mine

but we know what Mr Coffey would say

nice try Chip,BABS or whoever

Enough Coffey said...

Do the math. You have devoted many blogs to discussing Chip Coffey. That must mean that you hate him and are out to ruin him or else you are in love with him and obsess about him.

notesfromnadir said...

Enough Coffey...
Neither hate nor obsession will lead to an answer. Only through the Middle Way can an answer be found.

MsBelindaM said...

Personally I found it very interesting that after Mr Coffey went off the deep end stating that I called his fans Bigots, only last week, Chip Coffey out right called his own fans BIGOTS!

As for Cinco De Mayo only being celebrated in the United states, Gay Pride Week is celebrated in the United States, does that mean everyone on facebook should post gay jokes? I didn't see Chip Coffey posting a gay joke that week.

February is Black History month also celebrated only in the United States, does that mean that it will be ok for everyone to posting Black jokes in February because it is only celebrated in the United States?

For a TV celebrity who claims to have a LARGE teenage following, as well as a some adults, is it appropriate to post such things as making fun of a Mexican American Holiday? Is this what we want teenagers to think is appropriate ways in which to behave?

Isn't the world confusing enough for teenagers, without adding more prejudice into it?

Unknown said...

Ms BelindaM,

I was not saying that because Cinco de Mayo is mainly a US celebrated, commercialized holiday, that it made what Chip did less offensive.

I was specifically noting that the assertion by Kirby that it was a major Mexican holiday was in error, and was clarifying that point.

eyeontheparanormal said...

I find it odd that when it was found out that Chip had worked along side a para celeb that had been found guilty in a court of law of sexual abuse of a 2 and 1/2 child[ his child] that we heard no condemnation of this on Mr Coffey part
he says he is so pro child yet he says nothing about this
odd do you not think

MsBelindaM said...

@ Enough Coffey, had I seen them then, I would have done the make thing with them. I was not aware of them until it was already an issue with Chip Coffey, Since the point was already made, was it really NECESSARY to go over it again and again, besides I hadn't seen either John Edward and George Takei wearing NOH8 face paint, posting blogs about anti-bullying, or boasting about being the new Jim Jones to the teenage psychic community. If a person who is a self proclaimed television celebrity dealing with troubled teens posts racially motivated "Jokes" "Play on words" or other "metaphors meant to degrade people unlike himself", is this the person we want as a role model for children?

MsBelindaM said...

@ Enough Coffey I just checked George Takei's face book page, he must have had second thoughts about it because it's been deleted

MsBelindaM said...

@ Enough Coffey oh and not on John Edwards site any longer either.......hmmmmmm, maybe you should have checked them before you posted ?

MsBelindaM said... I did not post that, someone else on my friends list posted that and it showed up on my page, as I am in college I do not check my page every single day, so I did not see it until it was brought to my attention, and when it was I deleted it. It is amazing how one person from Chips group of deadheads posts a lie and all the rest fall into step with like like mindless zombies, as for the big girl panties remark that is what Chip said to me, and I sent it back to him.

It never ceases to amaze me at the lengths some people will go to, twisting the truth to suit their needs, oh and way to stand behind your words there anonymous !

MsBelindaM said...

Funny though, the lying sociopath that claimed I posted that joke is one of the people Coffey himself called a bigot and deleted and banned from his fan club page.

eyeontheparanormal said...

I guess the silence from the Coffey Camp concerning his working alongside a para celeb who was found guilty in court of the sexual abuse of a 2 and 1/2 child [ refuse to post the details they are so sick]
tells the public being a para celeb trumps child molester if the person can help you make money they within the paranormal entertainment industry does not care what you have done in the past

eyeontheparanormal said...

we remove comments that do not fallow guidelines [ we allow comments while Mr Coffey does not ]

Keep your eye on the Eye on the Paranormal because we have a lot of exposing to do!

Please engage in a discussion of the facts instead of personal attacks. Also, please refrain from swearing as this is a G-rated blog.

Use your own name/company name if making a comment.

eyeontheparanormal said...

Your comments that have been removed did not fallow the guidelines

Unlike SCIFAKE we will not allow you and your kind to highjack the blog and turn it into a 3 ring sideshow

if you think your comments matter so much have the guts to use a real name

eyeontheparanormal said...

still silence on the child molester Ron Hunnicutt and his work with Mr Coffey

Mariea said...

First, let me say I was a little shocked by the fact that Mr. Coffey actually messaged Ms. Qaysi about her comment to him on Facebook. I am not perfect and I can only reflect on what I would’ve done in this situation.
If he truly meant it as a harmless joke, so be it. However, when Ms Qaysi made her comment, he could’ve done a general comment reassuring everyone that the comment he made was not meant to insult or demean anyone or any group of people in any way – or he simply could’ve ignored her comment. However, he felt the need to challenge it in order to silently summon his minions to attack. There is no way that you can convince me otherwise that he did not know what was going to happen as he had probably seen it play out many times before.
In regard to anyone being obsessed or jealous of him - *Yawn.* *Eye Roll.* Please explain to me what is there to be jealous of? Money? Inflated ego? C rated pseudo celebrity status? Many who are para-celebs seem to have a narcissistic ego. They create these personas and go into these tantrums when others make a comment that questions them or goes against their cult-like thinking.
Even if Ms. Qaysi was a pain- in -the –butt, silently block her and move on. Again, based on the above, I don’t believe anyone is obsessed or jealous of Mr. Coffey. If anything at all, we are all just shaking our heads at his ridiculous behavior. As always Kirby – Keep on reporting!


Lewis Cant said...

this is as far from a G-rated blog as it gets! LMAO

SciFake, Still seared in your memory said...

Well Mariea, you have certainly said what many are thinking, excellent indeed.

Coffey is a washed up hack and he did know exactly what he was doing, have seen him do it over and over, he makes a smart-alecky statement and as you so eloquently put it "silently summons his minions to attack" and they do.

I’ve read the most vicious things they write to anyone who he directs them at and I am confident in saying they would kill for him.

Chip has a god complex. And he has followers, like Jim Jones did.

The one good thing about ol’Chip-a-roo is- he’s getting older by the second (seen a close up of him lately? omg) and the new blood doesn’t care for him.

he’s a “has been” forming right in front of our eyes. Coffey talks don’t sell out anymore and only booked as a sideshow to the Para-Cons now if he’s booked at all.

Quote Wiki; A god complex is an unshakable belief characterized by consistently inflated feelings of personal ability, privilege, or infallibility. A person with a god complex may refuse to admit the possibility of error or failure, even in the face of complex or intractable problems or difficult or impossible tasks, or may regard personal opinions as unquestionably correct. The individual may disregard the rules of society and require special consideration or privileges

Oh and btw wtf kind of crack is that about SCIFAKE? If it were not for Scifake this ‘blog’ would not be. SciFake gave you this platform and Ron Tebo is a legend with shoes none of you will ever be able to walk in. At least at SciFake you could speak your mind and not be admonished like a temperamental child when things got heated. That’s called VIEWPOINTS

SciFake’s archives hold the most epic battles ever fought in the paranormal world. Period
This ‘blog’ is to SciFake as Chuck Barry was to Jerry Lewis and in the immortal words of Jerry Lee to Chuck “Follow that killer” you get my point~

Give ya one guess who I am

Aanica said...

HA! I love Jerry