Thursday, February 16, 2012

Are There Animals/Pets in Heaven?

By Lisa Grace

Since this time of year focuses on love, nothing quite proves love like the loss of a loved one. Sadly, our golden retriever, Taffy, passed away two years ago at Christmas. This was our second one without her. My daughter never knew a day without her beloved dog before Taffy’s death.

At school this year, our daughter (now in the second grade) announced the hope of seeing her beloved pet in Heaven someday.

Her teacher informed her, “There will be no animals in and certainly no pets in Heaven.” My daughter came home from school in tears at the thought of never seeing her beloved pet again.

Unfortunately, I’ve come across several teachers and preachers who say there won’t be animals in Heaven.

I disagree and I believe I have Biblical proof on my side.

In a way, this is kind of thinking is funny because I’ve heard many a Baptist, Lutheran, Pentecostal, and Catholic sermon where they boast of the feasts they will have in Heaven. And as far as I can remember, not a one was talking about a vegan feast either. (All though my Messianic Rabbi does.) So if they’re going to have animals to eat (which is another whole post in itself, which I’ll be happy to chat about on another day), why in Heaven wouldn’t they be there as pets?

There is plenty of proof in the Bible that animals will certainly be there. For instance, when the new Jerusalem descends and we have that perfect time on Earth, where will the animals come from? The Bible says the world will be destroyed and there will be a new Heaven and a new Earth. (Rev 21:1) .

The prophet Isaiah talks about the time after the judgment and how the lion will lie down with the lamb, and children can play with asps and scorpions. It even says the lion shall eat hay. (Isaiah 11:6; 11:8; 66:23).

Another proof is that this world is a shadow of Heaven. For it to be a shadow, the real thing must exist in Heaven. (Hebrew 8:5 NIV)

In the book of Romans it says the whole of creation calls out. Why would animals be crying out if it leads to their ultimate destruction? Obviously, they’re longing for paradise too. (Rom 8:22)

In the book of Philippians it says all things in the earth and under the earth and in heaven (implies living things) that every knee should bow. Things? (Philippians 2:10)

It gets better. In the book of Revelations it mentions every creature in the sea. (Rev 5:13) How’d they get there if the seas are destroyed? They’re either re-created or they’re there to begin with.

The best proof there are indeed animals in Heaven is the fact that it says the Messiah will come back riding on a white horse. (Rev 6:2, 19:11) Horses are mentioned as coming from Heaven fourteen times in the book of Revelation (eight verses say horse, six say horses).

And the best proof? The four beasts before the throne are mentioned over and over. It mentions angels separately, so these are not classified as angels. There are wonderful creatures in Heaven that we have not seen yet on Earth. (Revelations 19:4)

There are clearly animals in Heaven so while it doesn’t specifically say “pets”, I believe there are. Why? Because very few things bring pure joy like the love from a pet and to your pet; and as we know, God is love. (1 John 4:8, 1 John 4:16)


Samantha Fury said...

I know some will scoff, but my pets will be in heaven because the Lord said we could have our hearts desire and that is mine or one of them. The Lord also gave me a vision of one of my pets, when he passed from this world I said Lord I commend his spirit unto you, and he did and I seen Puppy at the foot of a robed man wearing Sandals. Also it was very rude of that or any teacher to put their personal beliefs of on a child.

Good article I tweeted it for you.

Lorilyn Roberts said...

I have no doubt that our pets will be in heaven. My first dog as a child, through a series of events, is what God used to teach me there was a God who loved me. Throughout my life, God has used animals to draw me near to Him and to help me understand His love. Heaven will be what we have here, except perfect, and even more so, enhanced, pure joy, and animals bring me joy. They are God's creation, and they long too, for redemption. I see no grounds in the Bible to come to a different conclusion. If God created the heavens and the earth, and all the animals, which bring Him glory, I can imagine there will be more animals there than here.

Unknown said...

AGREE, AGREE, AGREE! I have often said the very same things said in your blog article. I'm so happy to read your blog and thank you for publishing this. I'd like permission to publish it, giving you the credit of course, on my blog... I'll be anxious to hear back from you if you will allow this to happen.

Barb Shelton
barbjan10 at tx dot rr dot com

Lisa Grace said...

Thank you Jacks Girl, Lorilyn, and Barbara Shelton.
We know God does use animals. The Holy Spirit even descended to Yeshua in the form of a dove. (I should have mentioned that in my article too!)
I meant this article to bring comfort to people, as some are only close to the pets in their lives.

Julie L. Cannon said...

My daughter's favorite movie growing up was "All Dogs Go To Heaven" and I think that belief and her pets let her see the goodness of God. She's 22 and still "melts" over animals.
Very interesting post! Thanks,

Tessa Stockton said...

Indeed! Good blog. "Let everything that has breath praise the Lord." Psalm 150:6

B. J. Robinson said...

I'm a teacher and a Baptist, and I believe animals and pets will be in heaven. Why would God have had Noah save two of each on the ark so many years ago, if not? When my daughter lost her beloved pet cat, I helped her write a story about it and get it published called "Kitty Heaven" or something like that. It's been years ago, but it helped her. I'd never make a commment like that to a child who has lost a beloved pet. Blessings, BJ Robinson

B. J. Robinson said...

I look forward to seeing all my beloved pets who will be waiting to see me. BJ

Anonymous said...

The bible never states anywhere that there will not be animals in heaven. I am not sure where this idea came from, but it was not from the bible.

Skipper said...

Of Course there are animals in heaven! Finding out more and more animals deserve to be in heaven then most people.


Bobnoxious said...

My hamster is Agnostic, will he go to heaven?

Lisa Grace said...

Julie, Tessa, B. J., and Anonymous, I agree and I'm not sure why I'm running into preachers and teachers who say differently.

Bobnoxious- Lol, your hamster is sure going to miss you! ;)

BK said...

This is one of the most thoughtful posts on pets in heaven that I have seen. I too have been surrounded by pastors and others in the faith who say there will be no pets in heaven. But to be honest, the scriptural arguments given against it don't seem to hold much sway to me. In fact, the last Pastor I can remember saying this--(and perhaps passage of time has made my memory unreliable)--did not give scriptural reference at all.

I suppose if there are no pets in Heaven, God will help us deal with it because there will be no tears.

But I too, find Revelation especially heartening in this regard.

PLUS, there's one other point this post doesn't bring up--if there are not animals in heaven, why would God create such waste by creating such a wonderful variety of animals and having Adam take the time to name them all? Waste and God just don't belong in the same breath together as far as I'm concerned.

BK said...

@ Jacks Girl:

When I lost my black lab to cancer in 2007, I very clearly saw a vision of Jesus in pristine white robe, Cody's black coat of fur a beautiful contrast as he lay curled around Jesus' feet. That vision has stuck with me ever since.

Portland Vet Clinic said...

I really enjoyed your article. More power to you!

Heart2Heart said...


We just lost a beloved pet cat, Tosh on my birthday of all days and the greatest source of comfort I received is knowing we would get to see them again. I believe in Genesis where God commands humans to be good stewards over all the animals and everything in the earth, if God didn't plan on bringing back our animals in the new heaven and new earth, then why such a great commission for us to watch over the animals here and care for them?

I've even read books from people who have gone to heaven briefly and written about their encounters with seeing their pets again as well as family members and friends.

Faith is being in things not seen but that we know exist and I believe we will see them again!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Andrew said...

Very interesting post and also lots of great stuff in the comments. It reminds me of this quote (which is related) about who would or should go to heaven

Thanks again for the post.

Lisa Grace said...

Thank you all for sharing your experiences or thoughts on this topic. There are many people out there, who unfortunately have only seen the love of the Messiah through the eyse of their pets. Our spiritual leader last night spoke on the new heaven and the prophet Isaiah said in(small paraphase of thoses passages)11:6 and in 65:25: That a wolf will be able to lay down with a lamb... and a little child shall them.