Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Issue 29 – Paranormal State: The Confusing New Class

A blanket of confusion has settled over the land known as Paranormal State: The New Class and it doesn't look as if it will be lifted soon. In the latest episode, "If I Should Die", we see it's just one staged scene after another. We received an email suggesting it should've been titled "I should be so lucky never to see it again". There are issues about this show everywhere you turn and we intend to dig into them all. So many were uncovered that it might take two or three issues to reveal them.

Ryan Buell isn't too happy about this new show even though he is given credit as Co-Executive Producer. When asked about the airing of the pilot episode on November 21, 2010, he claimed he had no knowledge of such a show or that it was even in production.

We find that difficult to accept due to the fact if you compare the closing credits of both shows you see the same names. We've been attacked for questioning the legitimacy of Paranormal State: The New Class. Is it logical to think that the producers would do a fake Paranormal State but suddenly get a new set of ethics and offer us a fully legitimate show?

Even our suggesting that it was the second episode of the show seemed to rile up some diehard viewers. So we'll clarify it. There was one episode that was shown back in November 2010 which we would count as episode 1 or the pilot. This would be episode 2, or to please others, the first was the pilot and “If I Should Die” was the premier episode

The program opens with no opening sequence and if you missed the pilot you would have absolutely no idea who these people are. We are told that the young lady, Savahanna, is an investigator.

They claim that they have a case that is demonic and show a video from a laptop screen of the client explaining the case. But watch the video closely and notice that there is something off about it. Does it look like something that the average Joe would do or does it look as if footage taken by a film crew was spliced into it?

We are then offered a paranormal expert by the name of Ken who has handled demonic cases. Why are no last names given? Is it done so people can't investigate the team's claims? I know I keep repeating myself, but why not reach out to those who have experience dealing with the demonic? The experts are found within the Catholic Church or to a person who has authority over demons which would be a man or woman of God.

We are warned that it might get dangerous and your faith will be attacked but we never see any proof of such claims. We are offered hand prints on the back. If it was a demon then it would go for the face.

The team arrives at the client's home and they do a walkthrough. It seems that our investigators either have photographic memories or the show has a very limited budget and can't afford to provide them with note pads and pens. Even Ryan pretended to take notes during the first few seasons of Paranormal State.

The family claims that something is tormenting the ladies of the house, but we are never offered any proof of this -- just the word of the client. During the walkthrough, which is presented out of order, Kelly, the young lady of the house speaks a lot about things happening while she was asleep. One would hope that the show had her sent to a sleep clinic to see if that could be the root of the problem. [Many sleep abnormalities can be misinterpreted as paranormal activity.]

We then have Chip Coffey roll up …

Come back next week as we expose more bad behavior by para-celebs Chip Coffey and Carl Johnson…

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Sharon Day said...

Haha. I had friends contact me and go, "what happened to Paranoid State?" (our favorite nickname). They mentioned new investigators and a new team. I rolled my eyes. The did a bad job of transitioning it. There was no hype and then--boom an episode--then boom--the show came back again. A&E really is missing the boat on paranormal subjects. That they use Ryan Buell as an expert on anything except for self-obsessed religious paranoia, amazes me. He can't pull an audience, so why not pull the plug all together? I guess there are a few who still enjoy the exorcist aspect of things. Poor saps.

John said...

Here is what I know. I believe that Ryan did not have any adavanced knowledge of the show, and he was mistakenly added to the credits of the May 2nd episode, (Ryan stated this on his Twitter account at the time the episode aired). Ken's last name is Arrington. No one is trying to hide identites, a simple reading of the episode description on A&E's site, or DVR description would have provided his last name.
Thank you for fixing the incorrect numbering of the episodes from your last post.

Greg said...

I'm going to go out on a limb and say that this was some weird thing they did where they basically made two pilots. Because seriously, I've not heard a damn thing about this show. I mean, nothing. It's like they shot it and were like "eh, better than nothing."

In fact, I remember when they were casting this show.. they actually tried to cast my group. Had I not been driving on the highway when I received the call, I'd have recorded it. There wasn't a better feeling than telling the head producer of Paranormal State how awful their show was. She didn't know what to say, she just kind of hemmed and hawed and then told me if we were interested to follow up with her. I told her to get fucked.