Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The Fairy Tale Psychic Case is Cracked, The Christina George Story

There comes a time when you have to completely rejoice at the mistakes of some of those we expose especially when we turn up the heat.  Sometimes, just a bit of pressure gets them to crack like an old egg that has been fermenting in the back of the fridge for to many months forgotten.  When that happens, it’s a “gotcha” type of moment.

One such moment is when a FAKE PSYCHIC named Christina George who actually admits how she stole the statues and that she still has them while on a radio show called Paranormal Realms and the episode they called, “The last stand”.  She not only does this, but, she actually explains how John Zaffis is involved with the items and how pressure from the owner to the statues and the police, gets him to give the statues back and back away from the heat.  Here’s the thing… in that instance, she admits to the owner WANTING THEM BACK by this admission and certainly knowledge of them wanting them back, (Or why would anyone be inquiring of those statues?) and she admits to the statues being worth money as well and knowing about it.  So she can’t say they are worth a few dollars, as sometimes some other’s suggested.

Now, with this video, there seem to be a bunch of people concerned about the paranormal and really want to clean it up from the bad eggs or paranormal bullies that they exclaim are ruining the field.  It might seem plausible and even admirable if you didn’t know who was involved and just was the truth and what wasn’t.  The problem is, the players in this radio show are being defensive of them selves and have taken a page in our play book to deliver a blow to us, however, not to convincingly, as you will see.  You need a bit of a back story to get the full picture and knowing who is who, is the key.  Let me introduce them…

Let’s look at who they are, shall we?  Now the first person I’d like to introduce is Brett Watson.  He’s been a co-host of mine in the past before I knew what type of person he was.  Jill Burrel, the host to this show, was also a co-host at one time with me for a few shows.  Jill and Brett, as you will hear, are close friends and have been for a good long while according to the show host.  Brett proclaims to be an exorcist.  However, he was recently with an order of exorcist under the Secred Order of Saint Michael the Archangel and Bishop Ron Feyl.  BUT, Brett was not an exorcist, even though he touted that title for quite a while.  He was not sanctioned to do exorcisms by the order and had no authority under the order to do them once so ever, because, they only allow ordained clergy to do them and for good reason.  Brett was merely an exorcist investigator, which merely means, he’s an investigator that looks for the signs of demons and can get the order to come and help take care of the problem.  Brett has furnished his online credentials that are questionable pieces of paper to his ordinations of being clergy and an exorcist.  Anything by New Life Ministries is generally of question.

When Brett started his OWN exorcist order and Bishop Feyl found out, he was excommunicated immediately and with the shock of the Bishop.  Brett has a well known video out there doing his own exorcisms in which he is reading scripted stapled pages together in an attempt to do an exorcism.  It truly shows his inexperience in dealing with such a problem, let alone recognizing what to look for in such a case. I think this is enough to demonstrate just some of his issues and why, he may be on that show, as he is someone I exposed for being a fake exorcist in the past.  I have to wonder why Jill is willing to overlook so much with these people.

The next one is Lord Rick Rowe.  Yes, that’s what he calls himself.  This guy has a forum called Theatrical Clowns where he writes excessively about many in a bullying manner himself and has a forum that took my colleague Darlene over 500 screenshots to record and it’s all on me.  He’s been a busy guy screen-shotting various things to add to his collection of “how bad Evan is” forum where no body seems to be adding to or commenting to.  He is a sick puppy.  If someone comments negatively to him about me, it becomes his “proof” against me and it becomes another post of his forum.  He has actually posted a picture of my home, posted a picture of my wife and insulted her and made several pictures of me insulting anything he can about me. He’s even lied on there quite often and named a sex offender as part of my Oregon team when the sex offender was in Montana. He has no problem just making up lies.  I do not profess to be innocent of never insulting the guy, as it’s hard not to with the excessive obsession this guy has all the time with me.

Now I’m sure you are asking, why would this guy do this?  He actually got mad at me for NOT INVITING HIM ON MY RADIO SHOW.  That’s right; I didn’t invite him on my show.  It’s not that he asked first and I said no even.  I didn’t see how great he was and have him on my show on my own; therefore, I treated him badly and needed to become another victim of his clowning.  Now, the truth is, Lord Rick Rowe has many YouTube videos using the name Angelofthynight where he tokes pot leisurely in front of the camera coming off like a zealot of the dark and frankly, this type of behavior I can not endorse in any way shape or form. His website shows him smoking drugs and strangely his donate buttons for Paypal he has.   He also has stalked others and the proof is right on his pages, which includes a forum on TAPS from “The Ghost Hunters”.  This is classic stalker activity here.

Then there’s the mother that comes on the show… Christina and Leslie’s biological mother, whom like Christina, didn’t spend a lot of time raising her children and had long issues with drug addiction.  Leslie was raised by her grandmother Jewel Jobe, whom was the victim that Christina was highly suspected in abusing and stealing from.  Leslie was then adopted by another family in her young teens.  She was not raised by her mother for the most part.  Christina’s mother does mention about not being perfect and hints to the drug addiction on the show and she also throws in the real reason for her turning on her daughter Leslie which she sees as an awful thing Leslie did which is about the cell phone on their plan that she had that they turned off when she threatened not to have anything to do with Leslie if she came forward on Christina.  Of course, Leslie put her values and morals first, being a victim’s advocate for over 25 years.  We do have court papers and papers from officers to an alleged assault that show that Christina’s mother was at one time against what Christina had done and closer to Leslie during the investigation into allegations of abuse by Christina on her grandmother.

While I did not catch her voice on this show, she is worth mentioning and that is Carol Malone, who was previously reported that a neighbor was her lawyer.  When we called him, he claimed he wasn’t and that she was merely his neighbor and was a bit shocked and even wrote a letter to Blog Talk Radio on my behalf after she wrote on my group page that he sent a “cease and desist” letter to the online radio host.  According to Carol Malone, this same lawyer was supposed to have possession of the statues.  However, Christina does not state any lawyer or Carol Malone has having possession of the statues.  Carol did try to extort $145 from the owner of the statues for an appraisal that could not have been done if she was never in possession of them.

Now that you have some back story take a listen. Remember, they are defending themselves and downing us, rather then truly looking to stop abuse of OTHERS here.  It is tell tale to what they are really about and judge for yourself.

Paranormal Realms “The Last Stand” with Brett Watson, Jill Wilder (Burell), Christina George, Christina George’s mother, Lord Rick Rowe and Carol Malone (all defending themselves)


Brett Watson’s Fake Exorcism http://youtu.be/qTThZBxeQ8Q

Radio show where we exposed Christina George.


Even page where all the proof is posted on Christina George.


By Evan Jensen

Producer of Beyond the Edge of Reality Radio Network




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Anonymous said...

So if your not catholic you are a fake… there is a difference between ritual rite and others for example jewish, islamic, christian, they all are set up by doctrines and its not just about the catholic church author. Read mark 16… .oh it does say who believes in my name and is catholic priest can cast out demons Jesus says…. Mmmmm not… get your facts straight and lose your biast opinions author.. There are different types of exorcisms and they are not catholic dude… but of course you think your always right so believe what you must I choose the bible kjv over your mouth or opinion anyday… but then again you're already trying to rewrite it and put the catholic doctrine in it lol… shame on you… well judge ,I guess you lost your. Faith and your mind… God bless I will pray for you to get help btw

Anonymous said...

i have seen many folks that seem to be able to hide under the radar, but i do feel this is no more. if you did something enough to be placed into this blog, its now being seen and noticed, i am basicly calling out all of the folks mentioned in this particular blog. they need to answer for their wrong doings. we all know of Christina George the woman who is a fake psychic and thief, we all know of Brett Wattson a very fake exorcist, and we all know of a woman named Carol A Malone also a nut short of a screw.

Anonymous said...

So someone (Brett) is a little sore this was written about him and he's thinking that no comments means no readers. LMAO Yeah, that's how you can tell the readership. It is amazing the amount of denial these frauds have in people realizing what they are about and their antics. They truly think they fool the whole public when they don't. We shall see if you win the popularity contest after this. LOL

Anonymous said...

I Don't have any ties to this butvI came across this article I think you are either jealous or have so much hatred that I don't see you as a christian. Its so sad that you all want to argue and then judge who is true and who is not. If its not your way then they are wrong. This is a free blog site and it looks like if any demons are here they have influenced you and your gang… seriously please find Jesus in your life accept him as your lord and savior today… I will help you…

Anonymous said...

Aren't you buddies with Kirby and evan ? So mmm biast view points of course evan kidnaps children he went to jail for it but thats ok you support that girl convicted 2times oh yeah he's got room to talk… tell evan to keep his van from my kids…

Anonymous said...

I think the author publishes only what he wants in his comments especially the truth but he's only picked his buddies like watt here well im sure he will not let this be seen either so I'm starting my own blog the truth about eye of the paranormal… the true frauds and all opinions lol

Unknown said...

Answering, a response from anonymous.I feel what the authors were saying is that one particukar person oin this case was doing faked exorcisms, they and the readers can come see the exorcism video a Brett did, how shaky and misguided it was. The woman standing in a corner hyperventilating, while the group chants some nonsense and they read from a piece of paper. but this entire thinking of you have to be catholic is utter nonsense, they never stated or implied anything of such. i think what should be explainedhere is the fact this guy was booted from a catholic order, for violating them, for acting rogue and going on line to by his actual credentials its a total disgrace here and to sum this up this guy will soon hurt someone or just perhaps his exorcisms may land him in serious trouble. i will never give two cents for any on line doccuements you have to buy,they are not worth the toilet paper i'd use to wipe my rear.

Bobnoxious said...

What does "biast" mean?

Unknown said...

answering this post here, would be nice if there info was accurate this is exactly why we do what we do.
I have been happly married for over 20 years and live a nice decent life iam not rich not poor either and enjoy writing this blog. its time the wicked walk and the righteous talk. its not about who's a Catholic, or what religions someone studies but its about the things the wickedly oppressed do to others.yes kirby is someone i will always stand by, he was very right all these years from all the things he did to expose a well known thief, this being said was Ryan Daniel Buell. now that Kirbys been freed from this I feel many need to appologise to this great man of god and of a voice he will never nor I ever be silenced.we thank you for reading our blogs.

Anonymous said...

I was a ticket holder, this writer in this blog,Evan jensen did everything he could to assist me in the retrieval of my funds another stole, I have nothing but the utmost respect for what they do,he is one of the good guys.

Fred Delongeh said...

Yaa People forget, Brett Watson ain't Roman Catholic, even Bishop Ron Feyl is an Independent as an "old Catholics". The Roman Church doesn't even recognize these "Old Catholics" as legit. At least our protestant denomination don't pretend to be "Catholic" when they are not!

Anonymous said...

"I was a ticket holder, this writer in this blog,Evan jensen did everything he could to assist me in the retrieval of my funds another stole, I have nothing but the utmost respect for what they do,he is one of the good guys."

He is simply using your pain to bring himself notoriety. He could care less about you as a person, but rather wants blog hits, notoriety, and attention. Why do you think he has so many facebook groups? Just because he helped you does not mean he wouldnt bash you if you started to disagree with him for anything. Go ahead, find something you disagree with about and make it public. I guarantee he puts your on blast and tries to discredit you the same he has done to countless others.

Anonymous said...

I am a victim of Brett Watson, I can tell from personal experience that he is a fraud and a fake, he claims I am possessed by demons ignoring medical evidence that I have neurological condition and then proceeds to put videos up that basically state that I am his scariest case ever. he is disgusting in his bullying that has landed me in hospital, he is dangerous and anyone involved with him is a fool. he is going to end up killing someone. I don't know this author but he is right in his post.

wyo4fun said...

(Continued) This guy is bizarre and delusional. CLAIMS HE IS NOT A BULLY yet has this clown website that for around 5 years attacking numerous people who disagree with him or won't donate to support his lifestyle of not working as I found a donation site where he begs for help to fund his housing etc so him and his kids would not be homeless. This is the same guy who publicly came forward in detail describing how he was raped by a male yeti. But if anyone discredits him or laughs at his unreliable and unbelievable story then we are making fun of all rap victims which is so far from the truth. So now being that he is close to my sister Christina George he has issued an attack on me personally despite I do not know him only heard of him. He claims on his clown site and on posts on face book that I belittle and laugh at rape victims and that him and other are rallying together on behalf of all rape victims to stand up against me. Now this guy seriously needs a dose of reality. And I am sure after this he will post more stuff on me. But let me make this very clear. In 1989 I was the victim of a serial rapist who is believed to have raped over 100 women. Only 6 came forward when he was caught raping a 15 yrs old while her mother was on the phone with 911. I was victim 4. I was beat to a pulp by the butt of his gun and God gave mecthe strength to fight back and get away and get help. I will forever live with this nitemare, but learn to take my experience and became a victim advocate to help those like me. I have started programs in my state as well. So for him to mock me and all victims with his bs stories and then lie and attack me for standing up against him for this and his prior attacks again shows he is delusional and that he is making fun of victims. This has angered many true victims of rape. But he like my sister are attention seekers who cry victim if people stand up against them.
I believe that those who complain about Evan and Darlene and those who support them are hiding something or don't have the facts. I don't know many in the paranormal community but I do know have eyes and ears and am learning much on many who pull thee scams and have noticed how they are intertwined somehow with my sister. So I commend Evan and Darlene for taking this on and exposing those who hurt and defraud others. Being a voice and advocate isn't always easy but in the end when you help others it is all worth it. It is only those who want to keep you quiet by harassing and intimidation that have something to hide and are those who try to silence them are usually hiding their own guilt and are afraid of being exposed.

wyo4fun said...

I am Christian's sister. More then anyone else in the paranormal community I know her best. Even better then our mom who chose to dump us off as kids while she partied. I know that the story she tells of a child hood growing up a psychic is a fantasy she created for attention. There is something within her that drives her to want to be center of attention and she will do anything and harm anyone who interfears. And God forbid you cross her.
When I speak of her I have documented proof of what I say to back my proof up.and she is a fake that has a criminal record for the things suck as Dui, embezzlement, fraud, larceny, theft, forgery, etc. She recently in writing after denying it for so long in the paranormal fiend and calling me a liar knows I have the proof and this too will come out that she finally toled the truth for once.
Now I know she has supporters but what I am learning is many of these so called supporters are also fakes and seriously delusional people. For example let's start with Carol Malone who involved herself with the stolen statues claiming Christina gave them to her which means Christina committed a federal crime by transporting stolen property across state lines since Carol lives in VA. Then it is federal crime plus state crime to receive stolen property. Carol know this but continued to claim she had these statues and was now implicating her neighbor who is an attorney.We have screen shots from her giving his name and what she was stating About him. I spoke to Charles Cuthbert who had no knowledge of any of what she spoke of and said the only truth she had spoke was that they were neighbors. He was very helpful.
Then you have This guy who claims he is our "Lord and father " Lord Rick Rowe. Well first of all I only have one Lord I worship and answer to and it is not him. This guy is bizarre and delusional.

Bobnoxious said...

Reading these comments is like watching an episode of Jerry Springer LOL ....

Anonymous said...

I have a few documents shows evan Jensen charged with Kiddnapping 2times. Kirby has a lot of background on him as well which he never publishes. I think evan and this kirby guy have a one way view and its the catholic view. All I will say mark 16… .

Anonymous said...

Bishop Ron Feyl ordains people to be exorcists for only $200 you can also become a Demon investigator for $65.00 I looked into it once and he even said yeah just pay the $65.00 for the membership and I will ordain you as a exorcist under our church. These people then wear priest outfits and perform exorcisms. To me it's people like him as well who are scammers

Anonymous said...

I always love how someone posts under anonymous and then makes bold claims about someone else without a shred of proof and expect people will just believe it. One thing I noticed about every single fraud is that they never even mention one issue that refutes what we are saying and constantly make comments about being "jealous" or how we are bullies and act as though Evan is some madman attacking the world out there. Sad little people who can not even argue or debate what we say adequately, but, think counter attacks is their best defense are tell tale in that very action. Even reading comments from "anonymous" that do this same thing are tell tale, despite the mention of not being involved. When you do this long enough, there are just tell tale actions these types of people make. As for Bishop Feyl, if you are so convinced what you are saying is right, PROVE IT. Give me some documentation that proves what you are saying because I'll tell you, my investigation shows quite a lot different then your statement of "ordaining" exorcist and in reality, the way the comment is written, shows me you are not even aware of how he or the organization works. Nothing stated above says only Catholics can do anything. To twist the words of the writer is paramount to spewing propaganda for your own purpose. There is a line being drawn in the paranormal. Good and Bad. Those that back frauds, scammers, criminals, rapists, stalkers and abusers that do not truly care for or have compassion for people they hurt and those who rise up, stop it and stand against it because they do care about the people they hurt. It's simple. To use the spiritual as a way to gain has a price and it's a hefty one.

Unknown said...

rch bishop ron feyl does charge to be a member in the order. he hold conferences and news letters and so forth it also is a way for feyl to keep track of folks inside the order, for example there was this Brett wattson who tried to take advantage of Archbishop feyl, brett attempted to use his credentials as and exorcist, but the truth is brett is no exorcist, he was and investigater in that sacred order group his job was much of that of a security guard report information not cast out demons and run amuck. brett is the very exscuse we have to wonder why he is allowed to even get by with faked degrees, exorcism, and even being a minister. brett was no minister when he stole money fromand orphamage in australia?

Anonymous said...

I will post all truth on my new blog coming Soon . I have emails documents and more. On Kirby and a military issue on Evan Jensen and kiddnapping and even more. I do y
Know that this Brett is a real doctrine of ministry and all this will be coming out good luck when it does..... I'll let you know