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The Christina George Story, as the Web Spins!

One thing people do not always understand is that I actually like what I do out there in the paranormal field as far as exposing fraud and criminal behavior and it’s as much a part of me as the paranormal investigating.  It’s in who I am.  This is something I have done for many years in one capacity or another.  I love it actually.  My partner in this, Darlene Watts, loves it.  It’s what we do.  Very few people upset us and they never ever stress us out like some would believe.   Generally when they come up with the tactics they do, it makes me fired up and it makes me laugh.  Much of what they do is so text book, I could write a book on what to expect from people who lie and cheat others for their own benefit.

My voice is my weapon.  Your reading this helps to stop this as well.  Any media attention at all from the public, no matter what the media is, stops abuse in the field.  This includes hits, likes, sharing and talking.  So on this, while my voice is my weapon, our audience members are the bullets.  We need no violence.  We do not stalk or harass.  We use truth and we use it in a way, that people see it.

One of the problems with exposing people on the internet is that they resort in a myriad of tactics that are very typical from my experience.  One of them is to pretend to be the victim.  At times, they really feel they are.  I have had several occasions where the person we are suspect of (sometimes only asking questions does this) will make a group defending themselves and claiming to be another victim of ours.  No doubt we have enemies among those we expose.  We expect that.

One such case that we have been working on is a fake psychic named Christina George.  Now, I’m not talking I think she’s fake and challenge her to prove herself like some challenge from James Randi the skeptic.  I’m talking proven liar by using her claims on videos and hard proof to the truth that shows her lying about her past and how she came upon psychic ability.  What is more disturbing is… this woman has a past criminal record that involves felonies and prison time.  Not only is this a proven thing, with hard evidence even online, but, the past as relayed by her sister is very disturbing that includes proof to drug use, elderly abuse and neglect suspicions with documented proof to why the suspicions are there.  Her sister, Leslie Jobe Shelton, is a victim’s advocate and really felt the need to warn others and stop Christina from continuing for the good of the public.  The show link below is the link to the show that Leslie, Christina George’s sister was on.  Leslie has our utmost respect on this and has joined our ranks to help us do what we do.  She is an amazing woman.  Listen to what she has to say below after reading this.

One thing my team feels is that those who stand behind and protect these types of people and allow them to continue are worse then the original offenders.  It is usually for some very selfish means like lining their own pockets.  This is where the story gets bigger.  Not only do these people try to protect and defend these people, but, often resort to some online tactics themselves to protect their own interest and keep the people in place.  This has happened with a sex offender that had a violent past criminal history and having a convention in which some stars were STILL ok going to and supporting.  I and many others find this disturbing.  With pressure, they did eventually back out.  But, should we have to resort to threatening to show their public support of such individuals?  Shouldn’t they just realize the danger to the public and do the right thing?  Paranormal investigators go into homes of strangers to investigate at night with the lights off.  What in creation makes these people not see the obvious threat to the public and realize they are backing these people by willingly going to their events they host?

So back to the Christina George story, it’s been no different in the pile of protectors she has and the mess it’s created.  One of these people is her agent, Annette Munnich, who publicly acted our victim on her own website (she never was even mentioned until recently on Darlene’s blog after doing this and in public support of Christina.)  She ignored her obligation as a public persona and lacked professionalism in dealing with the situation and even brought her own clients into the drama publicly.  Instead of realizing our concern and trying to warn her, she decided that she could fight us.  Well, you can’t fight truth.  Truth has a way of coming out.

Now, one of the things that Christina did was to steal two statues from some clients she had by claiming they were evil and haunted like the show “Haunted Collector”.  Now, these people agreed to let her take them with the understanding that they could get them back.  Now, at some point the people realized how valuable they were and their historic significance and decided they should get them back.  But, Christina gave several excuses and one in which she claimed John Zaffis had them.  (Name dropping is common with these types of people.)  The original owners to the statues filed charges against Christina George.  Had John had them, we are relatively certain they would have been returned immediately. He really didn’t know anything about it.

In the midst of this story, in steps another person by the name of Carol Malone, who claimed to have some schooling in law and claimed to be in possession of the property and then made demands of the owner to prove they were his.  (See images below) Clearly her “law” schooling is in error here and she and her supposed attorney are in possession of stolen property, plus transporting stolen property across state lines, which would mean big trouble.

What does Carol do in response?  She sets up a group named after one of my shows and claims to be an anti-bullying site for bullied victims and then baits me with it on her own page.  (See Below)

Carol Malone is the owner of Paranormal Association of Cold Cases  I don’t know what case isn’t cold if it’s involving the paranormal.  She does try to act like it’s important and notice the “TV show” heading where there was never a show called that.

She has a tendency to act like she is someone important using her name to sound as if you just look her up, you’ll know who she is.  Accept the Google search comes up with a Carol Malone that is a journalist and commentator in England.  However, Carol uses the name “London Knight”.  Coincidence?  I doubt it.

She wrote a book called “Amityville, House of Lies”.  Even the critics of Amityville do not agree with Carol here.  She is known to be a blatant plagiarist and con.

Let’s not forget her other form of expertise apparently as a stripper?

And an eye opening article that might detail her own sordid past of strip clubs, mob ties and drugs;

This might also explain Carol’s threats and claim, “Do you know who I am? You better tell them who I am!”  Or does it?  So many of those we show out there have the same tactics of threats and also like to act as though they have some special privilege to threaten or be heard.

To learn more about this case and others, check out our links below.

Evan Jensen

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Paranormal Bureau of Investigation

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  1. The blogtalkradio link doesn't work.

  2. Its because his show was taken down by blogtalk for copyright infringement and slander. This guy is a joke, come on people really??

    1. I have the links and the show was not taken down for slander why post as anonymous lol?

  3. evan lets keep crying all the crap you talk about all these para celeb its finally catching up with you i am glad

  4. People need to leave Evan alone,,,,,,,,,,,,hes only exposed the real fakes...........this is carol and christina doing this not evan,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I have always enjoyed his show.............

  5. ok he got kicked off because of slander and copyright infringement thats the reason he slanders everyone on the eye of the paranormal so i dont feel bad for him i am glad and now he wants to sue blog talk for 5 million i think all the para celebrities should get together and sue him for slander so my question to you is is it alright for you to slander someone and then when something is done to you you want to sue or cry about it

  6. Paranormal related lawsuit threat #
    8,987,654 and counting.

  7. Does he (whoever "Evan" may be) talk about actual para-celebs or just para-celeb wannabes?...there IS a difference my semi literate friends.

  8. First of all, the blogtalk shows were taken down because of a cease and desist order based on lies of Carol Malone. She claimed to own the words "Dark Side". The show she referred to in her cease and desist action was first started on Evan Jensen's network and was only HER idea of a name, which HE NAMED. He paid for the blog talk space, he ran the shows, he co-hosted the show with her. She left and emailed him with the permission he could continue using the name, which by all rights, he could of anyway. However, in the course of doing the show, the name was changed to "Darkside (one word): Deep Secrets" which is NOT the same name. At the time, Evan did not realize what Carol was about or about her past. To say he "stole" the name is a lie. Why wouldn't she have gone after it before if that were true? Why only when she involved herself in the middle of a crime by accepting stolen property and him just asking her to bring the property to the police department. If she was really concerned with getting the property back to the owner, why not bring them to the police and stay out of it? Why ask for $145 for an appraisal? Why would she have them appraised anyway? If they were not hers, there was no direct motive to need to have them appraised, unless she committed a crime? As for slander, it's not slander, because it's opinion and facts, to which, just like this blog, shows. It's only slander when it's not the truth. If all the "para-celebrities" want to sue Evan, then they would have to have a reason. Please name the "para-celebrities" that have been slandered and provide proof. I find it funny that so many people like to pretend to be our victims of slander when they aren't, but don't have the balls to use their own name when commenting here. The paranormal world has been backing frauds, fakes, scammers and sex offenders for to long and it's now time that the public is speaking out and those people don't like it and are trying to shut us up. Blog talk is only one venue to do a show on. There are many across the internet, including owning your own servers. You can't shut us up. You have no control over us. The only control you have is over the public, who decides who is a star and who isn't and lately, they are not liking what they see and those are the people that follow us. They are the ones who are tired of being lied to, scammed, tired of the abuse in the field, tired of the criminals being covered up and tired of the fake TV shows. People want the truth. By the way, you know how many legal threats I have gotten in the past 10 years? I have never gotten one sheet of anything accept from one person, where I used his photos and all I had to do was remove them off of a website. They did not shut my web site down, I never got my internet turned off, never kicked of any social network and never had any problem with people coming to my door, even though they said they would. I have learned, people like to threaten when they feel threatened, which is revealing in itself. As for the link to the show, I will post a new link to it that Carol can not have removed.

  9. Everyone seems to know this Evan guy as a bully, he added me to almost 14 different pages without my concent. I myself have seen his constant attacks on anyone who seems to stand up for others or disagree with him. I have been watching this for over a yr. People he had as co hosts of his shows and people he has had multiple times on his show endorsing yet when they question him, they then become the target of his attacks. There have been people who were para celebs and others were not, I dont feel that it is about them being called out to protect the public, but more about scaring people to not go against him. In fact very few people like or comment on his page about this stuff. I believed him at first, but after a yr of constant attacks of a different person each week ( around 40 that I can remember) accusing them of anything from being child molesters, scammers, running from the law and then going to his page crying he is being bullied. I recently got tired of seeing it and deleted him after I privately asked him if he had any truth and he threatened me to stay out of it or I would be on his hit list. So I deleted him, only to find out that he had multiple other accts on FB in different names but many with his same pic. I think this guy needs to grow up, and people need to stand up and put a stop to this kind of behavior. Before I deleted I now started seeing him claim that he is blind, has a brain tumor and is dying, yet he provides no proof yet demand proof of others illnesses, and if he is dying and is blind he sure does a whole lot of articles and constant attacks on his page leading to debates and fights . If he is really dying and doent need the stress, he should grow up and stop the attacks. I have seen many things posted online from lots of people since showing screen shots of him stating in private messages to these people he used to be friends with yet now attacks, showing that he admits lying just to get people to believe him. This is sickening behavior and is not needed in this field. He is not doing anyone any justice especially not this field. I also saw the comment by his now I guess co host Darlene Watts defending him which Im sure we will see him go after her as well if she ever does question him, but to answer her question about all of the anonymous posts , I think it is because people know what Evan will start attacking and making things up about others if they do use their own names. I know that is the reason I didnt use my real name. I also see there are many people who are sick of this guy and all of his delusional stories and attacks. How can a man with a past himself that I saw recently on another page that he had done time himself for Kidnapping should not be leading the attacks on others criminal records or past, as it is that, the past. My advice to all of you is grow up, stop the attacks on others, before there is nobody who backs you. I have followed Eye on the Paranormal for a long time but I am dissappointed that Kirby would add this guy to his blog, it is making his blog a joke, being used for this mans own hateful vindictive attacks since no one seems to listen to this guy on his page and shows. His time would be much better served by using all of that pent up energy for something positive, not stuff like this. There is no reasons for adults to behave like this, yet I think he enjoys playing the attacker and then the victim along with the few others he uses to help him.

  10. I have been following this mess since it started. He said back in Sept that one of his targets had warrants for her arrest and police were looking for her for stealing some clients statues that were signed over to her, and that he was asked to work with the police and fbi to help find her, wow really, any proof of that? I dont know but she seems to be pretty visible and not hard to find as I attended a Conference that she spoke at and I had no problem finding her, and since my husband is in Law Enforcement I know that the police and FBI dont need private citizens to join them to find people, especially if they have involved themselves in the case as he has. So come on, Please stop the lies, we are almost a year later yet nothing has been done. So its my opinion that either he is lying or twisting the truth. I even had a PI friend of mine do some investigating on all the accusations you have been made about people in this field that he seems to get mad at, and he found that there are no charges pending on her or others he has stated this about , as well as he didnt find any active warrants or the criminal background he claims. So I call BS. I think this is all very personal as he has accused many other people of similar stuff over the years and again No arrests or anything he says ever pans out. I saw one of his rant on before his show was taken down that he was filing a 5 million dollar lawsuit against Blog Talk and he was going to post it online yesterday for all to see yet there was nothing except him stating HE pulled his show because he was starting his own network and didnt like BlogTalk anyway, yet his new co host Darlene Watts posted that it had been pulled for because Blog Talk received a Fake Cease and Desist Order claiming they had no legal right to do so, so my advice is the two of them need to talk more and keep their stories straight instead of causing more people to question if they are truly making all this stuff up. If it was taken down unlawfully, then again where is the lawsuit that he promised to post? Blog Talk is a huge corporation with many attorneys on staff, they dont just pull a show unless the paperwork is legitimate. This is truly so sad that people would be so hateful that they would spend so much time to try to harm others as this is definately not the first person that has been a target of this mans attacks. There have been so many I cant keep up. He has attacked people he has had and personally endorsed on his show for years, co hosts that helped him trash others or helped to make banners and videos for him, and then before you know it he is attacking them, and then crying that he is the victim. I will no longer be following all this as I believe it is all personal and a lot of bs, it is not hard to bring together people that dont like someone for whatever reason to make the story sound more believable, but we all know that there are always 2 sides to the story and we should not believe him just because he brings these people on his side to help attack people. I am disappointed that the owner of this blog would allow a person like this to be on his staff unless he is just looking for numbers thru bs like the Sun newspaper or Enquirer. Be careful, because if you ever question him , he will be trashing you and your blog next, just like I saw him do to sci fake and worst paranormal after writing articles and posting accusations against other people on their pages but once they found out it was fake. All of the articles that were written by sci fake about one of his victims have been all removed and reported that evan threatened to go after them because of it, Tisk Tisk, how can anyone believe that Evan is credible.

  11. christina RamirezJuly 24, 2014 at 9:07 AM

    Someone who doesn't use their name can't really be taken seriously

  12. christina RamirezJuly 24, 2014 at 9:09 AM

    If you really paid attention then you would know that there is proof about the statues that wete stolen

  13. and i would not trust Darlene she threatens people all the time the four of them even Darlene Chris baricko and Kirby if you go against them they will bully you or threaten you i have proof Darlene threatens also the whole bunch of them are nothing but trailer park trash trying to make a name for themselves get a clue you will never make a good name for you're selves also a little clue Kirby or doctor Kirby is not in France hes in California he has been the whole time and also we have proof Kirby was a doctor in mi canopy Florida and more information is coming out daily on DR Kirby now back to Evan he cannot be trusted everything he says is a lie case he said he was a navy seal while still living in the basement of his parents home he has a police record and a little clue if you are going to sue the blog talk maybe you should get a lawyer and ask him if you have a case and if you continue to slander people like you do its bound to catch up with you and its just the beginning wait there's more to come people

  14. If that is true Christina Ramirez, then why has this woman not been arrested is my question ? As I said my husband is a police officer and said that with the client signing the statues over it is not theft, and then having no actual testing to prove their really American Indian artifacts, age and worth, done by a facility, they would be considered worthless, as there are many realistic looking replicas made that look authentic which is why no University or Museum would touch them without the testing done. So it would be a small claims case at the most, and if they had truly been Stolen, and they could prove it, she would have been arrested. My reason for commenting under anonymous is because I am actually a friend on Evans page and all his other pages which I didnt agree to be on in the first place and I dont feel like becoming his next victim of attacks. I and everyone else on his page and groups have been seeing this go on for over a yr now, not just with this lady but with someone new it seems like weekly. Ex friends, Ex Co Hosts, ect . I myself am guilty of at first believing all his stories, but again anyone who has watched this stuff go on see the pattern and inconsistencies in his stories as well as everyone seems to be a pedophile if they are male, and a drug addict or alcoholic if they are a woman and he always states their are warrants out for these people arrest and they are on the run. So for new people to his page I can see how they can believe all this at the beginning, but people other than me have told me they deleted him because of all the lies and rumors he creates or else they do some checking for themselves and find the lies or exaggerations are not true. I feel it is getting quite old and his "word" on things doesnt mean much anymore This is clearly not my battle or anyone elses, but I hate to see people who do stuff like this and then play the victim. I stayed on his page to see if he was actually going to follow through and post any "Proof" of the warrants he and the client stated on a show they did with Bret Watson one time that the warrant existed and the lady was on the run and the client was going to give him the copy of the warrant but he never posted it like he said he would as usual. But of course that never happened He Never showed any proof that he was actually working with the police dept or FBI as he stated yet that I know isnt true and here we are a year later and she is still not arrested, so his lack of proving such accusations speaks volumes. For me I am all about proof and evan having her sister come into this now to make all this sound more credible is a joke, stating she murdered their grandmother and another girl. I saw a post on rip that was posted somewhere that was from years ago stating that there were warrants out for her arrest at that point too and that her sister was on the run. She acted as if she was just a concerned person but after confronted by another person she admitted she was that lady's sister. Yet the other sister in her defense posted county documents, stating what happened to the grandmother and it was from a fall at dinner and the sister was living in another city over an hr away and was never there , a letter stating the DA had declined to pursue and charge anyone in the family of anything as I guess there were lots of accusations withing the family, and a city seal stamped letter from the Sheriffs office stating she had no warrants city or statewide as the sister had stated, and that to me tells a much different story, and there was no proof of these so called warrants ever offered by the accusing sister when she started helping Evan he started posting the same info and arrest record that were on But if you look it up it is of a hispanic woman with the same married name as her sister under ortega and you can clearly see it is definitely not her that woman. So why would someone do that especially a sister if it isnt true? Well to me it sounds like jealousy or maybe some mental illness.

  15. Interestingly enough I found that the little girl she told everyone that her sister was being sought in for her murder had been solved through DNA and that they were never looking for her in regards to this, and even though I dont believe in Psychics what she said matched very close to what was released in court, even about exactly how she died and those kinds of details were never released to the public so Im not sure about how she was so accurate about that but again it was more false accusations that her sister put out to try to hurt this ladys character and that is just plain wrong and to me it shows just the lengths people will go to and make up lies and rumors to hurt someone they are mad at. They better be careful this could be very bad for all the accusers as well as Kirbys blog for allowing know false info to be spread through here and pulled like they did on the article that were written about this on Sci Fake as they took them all down I did however see that the woman did have a some bounced check in Solano County back in the 90's and did serve 3 months in a local jail around 15 yrs ago for something else but not Prison as they stated, and I realized that the accusing sister had changed her story even on the recent shows she has been on. Once saying her sister did 1 yr in prison and then the next 18 months which could not be found anywhere and my husband states that the womens prison in that area is Chowchilla not Santa Rita as stated. It is a county jail and if she was given a yr or more she would have been transferred to Chowchilla instead of serving it in the county jail. I believe some truth is being mixed with vicious lies to attack these people for more personal reasons, If it comes out that I am wrong and I see real proof, not just random stuff posted from the sister or evan to attack the other sister or others they are attacking . I will publicly apologize to Evan. It is just sad that so much time is going into so many personal lies and attacks yet I only see one side bashing and that is Evans side. He starts these attacks on people and then claims he is actually a victim. But none of this is journalism when you knowingly put out lies it is just a way of using blogs and people to help him spread rumors and hate for his personal smear attacks. But I will be watching to see if they prove me wrong. But my advice to Kirby is get as far away from this guy before he turns on you too

  16. Someone must still be doing some good drugs you should share them please but keep posting the hits keep climbing not part of the ETE any more but I bet Lisa is happy to see them do so a Doctor in FL I may need a doc LOL

  17. I'm going to have to read some of these big text blocks over the weekend and make fun of them accordingly.

  18. Here is the link to the show uploaded that this story pertains to where there is a broken link. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  19. How can someone publicly apologize when they won't even post their name ? If you have that much to say,then own it...just saying. As an investigator,people place alot of trust in us to be in their homes without them present. Were we even able to pin point an object that was causing activity or "evil",it's not in our best interest to remove the object from the home. We can give the client our opinion and they can get rid of the object or not. So removing the statues in first place was a bad idea. If the client wants then back,why is there any hesitation ?

  20. Personally I think peoples personal lives arent any of our buisness. I know evan is full of b.s. and im sure there is some ellimant of truth in his b.s. but what gives him the right to be a nosey buisy body.. did god die and give him the right to judge people. I dont think so. His shows are a big joke no one takes him seriously. He doesnt have a huge fan base and no one outside the people he has had issues with or are a member of his so called team knows he exist. He doesn't have any credentials nor will ever provide any.. so my original question is what gives a nobody in this field the right to judge anyone... he deffiantly is the brown eye of the paranormal

  21. i wanted to send and update tothis blog we got some breaking news and its good news indeed looks like a court case was filed against christina george and we expect more charges to follow here as well to all the anonymous posts now what do you have to say here?
    Breaking news our beloved Christina George now has a court document case number Rory Clark finaly came through and is getting Christina served first but if she does not get it no matter at all.
    Butte County-NSC41946
    if christina returns the stolen items, rory clark will drop charges and if not, this case is going to court, best for christina to quit while she can if anyone asked me.

  22. yeontheparanormal said...
    Someone must still be doing some good drugs you should share them please but keep posting the hits keep climbing not part of the ETE any more but I bet Lisa is happy to see them do so a Doctor in FL I may need a doc LOL
    Kirby i think someones been doing some awfull strong drugs lol.



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